Words in Running Man Ep. 272(100 vs 100 – the final battle) – Learn Korean from Running Man



대 means big and 세 means power or influence. So, 대세 basically means very influential. However, if a celebrity is really popular, he can influence many people, so he is very influential. Because of that, 대세 sometimes means very popular. Sometimes, some words are added after 대세 like 대세남, 대세녀, 대세 아이돌, etc. It means popular man, popular woman, popular idol each.

Let's think about the influence in this way. If many people have same idea, it can be very influential to the future of the society. Actually, it's part of democracy. Because of that, this popular idea is also called 대세. When you follow that idea, or jumping on the bandwagon, it is called 대세를 따르다. If you don't, it is called 대세를 거스르다.

그게 요즘 대세야?
Is that popular these days?

대세를 따르는 것이 낫겠다.
I think it is better to jump on the bandwagon.



훈남 is short for (보고 있으면) 훈훈한 남자– the man who makes you warm (when you watch him). 훈훈하다 is one of the synonym of warm. So, someone who is warm-hearted is called 훈남.

It firstly has nothing to do with appearance. If you are not good-looking but warm-hearted, you could be 훈남. However, some people started to use 훈남 for good-looking and warm-hearted people. As time goes on, people started to use it for only good-looking people and forgot about the original meaning. So, it is just one of the synonyms of 미남(handsome guy).

Female version of 훈남 is 훈녀.

런닝맨에 훈남들이 떴다.
Handsome guys appeared on Running Man.

여기는 훈남들의 모임이라 내가 끼면 안 될 것 같은데?
As it is the group of good-looking guys, I think I should not be here.



In some Internet posts, or TV shows, you can see words like 기승전[X]. [X] can be everything. It can be 철도(railroad), 소설(novel), 치킨(chicken), etc.

This word came from the word, 기승전결(起承轉結). It is the way of creating old poems in East Asia. It means that to start with something and make something deeper, better, or worse. After that, use something new and finish the poem.

As you can guess, the writing should be ended. However, in the form of 기승전[X]. It is always ended with [X]. If it is 기승전철도, then the writings or conversations started with something else, but it always ends with railroad. It's 기승전철도 or 기승전철 for short. For the case of 기승전치킨, everything ends with 치킨s.

In 기승전정글, everything ends with the TV show, 정글의 법칙. As you can see, everything he said was ended with 정글의 법칙.

그분은 말씀만 하시면 항상 기승전돔이었지.
Everything he said was ended with the domed stadium.

이번 글은 기승전철이 아니네요?
This post is not ended with railroad?

More Words

1. 허둥지둥


When you are doing something hastily, it is called 허둥지둥.

2. 환갑, 불혹



환갑 means 60 and 불혹 means 40. You can learn more about the words in this post.

Many people had a feast when they were 60, 환갑, and it is called 환갑 잔치. As almost everyone lives more than 60 these days, many people don't do 환갑잔치 these days. They usually do 칠순잔치 and 팔순잔치.