Words in Running Man Ep. 271(100 대 100, 100 vs 100) – Learn Korean with Running Man



When you are really startled, you can use words like 매우, 무척, 엄청. However, you can also use the word, 화들짝. This word is used when someone is very startled.

Because it is used when someone is surprised, you can see the word 화들짝 with the verb, 놀라다, a lot.

화들짝 놀라는 모습도 귀엽다.
Her startled face is also cute.

아이들은 갑작스런 천둥소리에 화들짝 놀라 쓰러졌다.
Kids were really startled by the thunder and collapsed.



You cannot find this word in dictionary. It is the compound word of 칼 and 군무. The second word, 군무, is not military service. It is group dance.

칼 here came from the knife. When many people act with discipline, it is called 절도 있다 in Korean. When this discipline goes to the extreme, there is no room for exception and you can feel some power or awe. Then, people use the word to describe this 절도 as 칼 같은 절도, discipline like knife.

When some groups dance with disciplined action, it is awesome. So, it can be translated as awesome group dance.

그 칼군무를 보여 주기 위해 얼마나 연습했을까?
How much did they practice to show that awesome group dance?

그 아이들의 춤은 "칼군무는 이렇게 하는 거야"라고 이야기하는 것 같았다.
The dance of those kids seemed to tell us, "awesome group dance is the word for this."



When there is a crack, we use wedge to hold the pieces together. 쐐기 is the word for the wedge.

When there is an argument, people are divided. Finally, boss said something crucial and it is decided in that way. 쐐기를 박다 is used like this situation. Something is decided and made sure that something wrong would not happen later.

그렇게 네가 쐐기를 박는구나.
You are confirming the problem like that.

그는 3점 홈런으로 승부에 쐐기를 박았다.
He made sure the win by 3-run homerun.

More Words

1. 어리둥절


When you are confused and don't know what to do, it is 어리둥절.

2. 천군만마


When something or someone is a great help, it is 천군만마 in Korean.

3. 홍일점


If you are only woman in a group, it is 홍일점. If you are only male in a group, then it is 청일점. This word is from our very first episode of Running Man Words series.