Words in Running Man Ep. 270(미로성 레이스, Labyrinth Castle) – Learn Korean with Running Man



How do you eat every meal? If you are not rich enough, you might not eat sumptuous feast every meal. 진수성찬 is the word for sumptuous feast. When you have 진수성찬, there are good and precious dishes and delicious foods.

진(珍) means precious thing, treasure. 수(羞) means providing food. 성(盛) means great or prosper. 찬(饌) means food. In short, it means the treasure-like and great feast.

이런 진수성찬 그냥 먹어도 되는 거예요?
Can I eat this feast without doing anything?

간단히 커피 한 잔만 달라고 했는데 웬 진수성찬을 차려 왔어?
I told you to bring me a cup of coffee. Why did you bring me a great feast?



There are many limits and hardness in our lives. So, sometimes we want to do everything as we wish. The word 마음껏 is as you wish in Korean.

As you all know 마음 is your mind. -껏 is the suffix which has the meaning "to the extent that," "to that level." 마음껏 basically means to the extent of your mind, so it means as you wish.

In the screenshot, the word is written as 맘껏. 마음 is sometimes shortened to 맘, especially in lyrics of songs.

수능도 끝났으니 이제 마음껏 쉬거라.
수능 is ended, so take rest as you wish.

수고 많았어요. 마음껏 드세요.
You did a good job. Eat as you like.



When you are extremely tired or burned out, it is 기진맥진 in Korean.

기(氣) means power or energy. Two 진(盡)s mean depleted or used all of something. 맥(脈) originally means heartbeat, but it also means power or energy here. To sum them up, it means your energy is all used.

겨우 그거 했는데 벌써 기진맥진이야?
You just did something little. How come are you so burned out?

완전 기진맥진 상태야. 쓰러질 것 같아.
I am burned out. I just want to collapse.

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