Words in Running Man Ep. 269(추억 유산 레이스, The Legacy: Throwback Memories Race) – Running Man Words



When someone has weak body, he is called 약골.

약(弱) means weak and 골(骨) means bone. The direct translation of this word is weak-boned. So, it means weakling.

In the show, 김희원 is famous for being weak and his villain acting. So, they made up the word 약인 in the show. It came form the two words, 악인 and 약골.

내가 알던 그 약골이 아닌데?
You're not the weakling that I know?

그 때 너 정말 약골이었지.
You were really weak at that time.



Children are usually innocent and good. They have pure mind. This pure mind is called 동심(童心) in Korean.

This word is used as phrases like 동심을 이해하다(understanding the minds of children), 동심의 세계(the world of pure and innocent childhood), 동심 파괴(breaking the heart of innocent childhood), etc.

가끔은 동심의 세계로 돌아가는 것도 좋아.
It's sometimes good to be back to the world of childhood.

그 만화는 동심을 파괴하는 만화야.
That cartoon breaks your innocent childhood memory.



You were hiding something for a scheme. But it is revealed. 들통나다 is used for that situation.

In Running Man, many things are hidden. People try to hide the information that can be advantageous to them. When it is revealed, then they will be chased or their name tag will be ripped. To prevent that sad situation, members and guests try hard not to reveal their secret. 들통나다 can be used when their secret or what they did wrong is revealed.

들통났어. 도망쳐.
It's revealed. Run!

들통나기 전에 빨리 끝내야 해.
We should finish it before it is revealed.

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