Words in Running Man 268(짝궁 레이스, Legendary Couple Ring Race)



When you are soundless to avoid enemy, it is 숨을 죽이다.

숨 means breath. Killing your breath means that you breathe soundlessly. This expression is used a lot when you are in danger.

괴물이 가까이 있다는 것을 느낀 그녀는 숨 죽인 채 숨어있었다.
As she felt that the monster is near her, she became soundless and hid herself.

어머니께서 많이 화가 나신 것 같으니 한 동안 숨 죽이고 있어야겠다.
It seems that mother is angry. I think I should watch my steps for a long time.



You are waiting for someone, but he doesn't arrive.
You are trying to do something, but it doesn't work.

In those situations, you become restless in English and 안절부절 in Korean.

왜 그렇게 안절부절 못하고 서 있는 거야?
Why are you so anxious and standing there like that?

그녀가 그렇게 안절부절 기다리는 것은 다 이유가 있었다.
There was always reason that she was waiting restlessly for something.

안절부절하다/안절부절이다 is wrong

안절부절 is one of the words that native speakers use wrongly. When it is used in verb form, it should be 안절부절못하다. There should be "못" in front of 하다. If you use it like 안절부절이다 or 안절부절하다, they are wrong. However, many people use it.

The adverb form of 안절부절못하다 is 안절부절. There is no 못 in here.



When you play some random game, you are in luck or not in luck. As luck is 복 in Korean, 복불복 is the word for random.

아무리 복불복이라지만 그렇게까지 불운할 줄이야.
Even though it is random, how can he be that unfortunate?

개인적으로 복불복보다는 그냥 노력해서 얻는 것을 좋아해.
Personally, I prefer getting something by hard works to random.