Stationery Konglish(팬시, 호치키스, 스탠드, 볼펜) – Konglish Words #30

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We've learned a lot of Konglish Words. Today, we will finish this series with stationery words, 팬시, 호치키스, 스탠드, 볼펜.


팬시 came from fancy meaning to like or love something or to be fond of something. In Korean, it is sometimes used to call stationery items like notebooks(공책), pencils(연필), mechanical pencils(샤프), pencil cases(필통), etc. It is hard to guess why 팬시 got this meaning. I guess these stationeries are our everyday items and you might have fun if you fancy them. That's why someone in the stationery company named it 팬시 and it became widely used.

팬시를 온라인에서 구매하려면 어떻게 해야 해?
What should I do to buy stationery online?

게임 캐릭터를 팬시 상품으로 만들어 보려고 계획 중이다.
We are now planning to make our game characters as stationery.

호치키스, 호치케스

When we have a bunch of paper, we use stapler to hold them. In Korean, they are called 호치키스 or 호치케스. Although it is written as 호치키스 on dictionaries, many people also call it as 호치케스.

This word came from the company name, E.H.Hotchkiss. The staplers made in this company were imported to Japan and Japanese called it 호치키스(ホ(ッ)チキス) and Koreans imported that word.

These days, many people call it 스테이플러, too, but it is less common than 호치키스.

The staple we use with staplers are called 호치키스 심 in Korean. Like 샤프 심, mechanical pencil lead, it is put into the core of staplers. That's why staples are called 호치키스 심.

호치키스 어디다 놨어?
Where did you put stapler?

호치키스는 우측 상단에 한 번만 찍으면 돼.
You just staple on the top right of the paper once.


스탠드 means desktop lamp. I guess it got this name because the lamp is standing on the desktop.

스탠드 불 켜라. 눈 나빠질라.
Turn on the lamp. It can hurt your eyesight.

스탠드 전구 수명이 다해서 교체했다.
As my desktop lamp is old, I replaced it.


볼펜 is the short form of ball-point pen. I learned that 볼펜 is a Konglish word, so you cannot find it in English. However, I searched it on Google and Amazon, there are ball pens.

나는 모나미 볼펜을 즐겨 쓴다.
I frequently use Monami ballpoint pens.

볼펜을 다 쓰면 뭔가 열심히 많이 한 것 같아서 기분이 좋아진다.
If I use a ballpoint pen until the final drop of ink, I feel good because it makes me think I did something diligently.