Running Man Words Ep. 267(24시간 만장일치, Consensus)



When everyone approves something or has same opinion, it is unanimous in English and 만장일치 in Korean.

In this episode, every member of Running Man crew acts same 3 times in 24 hours. Because of that, this episode is titled 만장일치.

만(滿) means full and 장(場) means field. 일(一) means one and 치(致) means arrive. It basically means (the opinion of) everyone in the full field arrives at the same point. So, it is unanimous.

그 회사들은 만장일치로 가격을 올리지 않기로 했다.
Those companies unanimously decided not to raise the prices.

그렇게 만장일치로 마음이 맞기가 어렵구나.
It is really hard to make unanimous decision like that.



For some reason, it is easy to see 대역죄인 in recent episodes of RM.

It means the great criminal. It is originally used for someone who did something like treason.

When someone makes mistakes in RM, he or she becomes like a criminal. That's why it is used a lot these days.

네가 대역죄인이냐? 그거 하나 잘못한 것 가지고 왜 그래?
Are you a criminal? Why are you so timid after you did something wrong like that?

그는 마지막에 공을 놓쳤고, 대역죄인이 되어 버렸다.
He dropped the ball at last and became the worst betrayer.



Alexander the Great is famous for cutting the knots when you should untie it. When there is a long string, it is likely that there is a twisted point.

However, when something is 일사불란. There is nothing like that. It is in a perfect shape or an order. Because of that 일사분란 is used when many people walk in ordered line.

일(一) means 1, 사(絲) means string. 불(不) means nothing or not. 란(亂) means dizzy or coup. It basically means there is no knot in a string. So, it means tidy or in a perfect shape.

이럴 때는 참 일사불란하게 움직이네?
They move in perfect order in that case.

일사불란하게 이동하라.
Move in order.

More Words: 한 수 위


When someone is one step ahead or better than you, it is 한 수 위. [You can learn more about the word here]/%ED%95%9C-%EC%88%98-%EC%9C%84-korean-idioms-10/.