Running Man Ep. 266(해피 추석 레이스, Happy Chuseok Race)



종 means vertical and 횡 means horizontal. 무 means nothing and 진 means complete or use one's power. In short, he shows his every power everywhere. It is used to describe remarkable activities in shows or games.

그의 종횡무진 활약 덕택에 우리 팀이 승리했다.
Thanks to his prominent play, our team won the game.

항상 조용하기만 한 줄 알았는데, 종횡무진 달리는 그녀를 보니 신기했다.
I always thought that she is calm. I felt a bit strange to see her running here and there energetically.


In some shows, some people show his or her full ability and go here and there. It is called 종횡무진.

When two people play a game, it is sometimes hard to predict who is going to win. It is 막상막하.

Two 막s mean nothing. 상 means up and 하 means down. In short, it means there is no up and down. It is hard to decide who is better.

막상막하의 경기가 연장 15회까지 펼쳐졌다.
The well-matched game was done until the 15th inning.

막상막하라고 하기에는 우리나라가 많이 잘 했지.
It is hard to be called well-matched game. Our country did really well.

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