Running Man 264(전설의 탐정, Legendary Detective)



Life is hard. We meet a lot of hard situations. We call those who overcame these hardships as veterans. 산전수전 is the word for those veterans.

The 2 전s in 산전수전 is war or battle. 산 means mountain and 수 means water. So, it means liver or sea. 산전수전 basically means the war in the mountain and the war in the water. As you can guess, it means you overcame various obstacles in your life.

It is usually used with the verb, 겪다, experience.

When someone uses "산전수전" with other words like "공중전" or "우주전" to emphasize or make humor. 공중전 is the war in the air and 우주전 is the war in the space.

그 감독은 진짜 산전수전 다 겪어 본 분이시지.
That coach really has gone through various hardships.

산전수전 다 겪어 봤는데, 이런 일은 또 처음이다.
I've gone through many hardships, but this situation is new to me.



When everything you hide is revealed, it is called "적나라하게 드러나다."

적(赤) means red and 나 and 라 are same 裸 which means nakedness. It is a bit odd that two separate 한글 characters share the same 한자. It seems that it has something to do with 두음법칙, but it also looks a bit idiomatic.

When a baby is born, he or she is bloody. Because of that, 적, red, is there.

This is not the

결국 그 사람의 실력이 적나라하게 드러났다.
Eventually, his skills were revealed without any concealment.

이 책은 북한의 실상을 적나라하게 고발했다.
This book reveals the reality of North Korea without any concealment.

독 안에 든 쥐


If a mouse is in a jar, it cannot escape. When someone is in an unescapable situation, especially danger, it is called 독 안에 든 쥐.

완전 독 안에 든 쥐가 되어 버렸네.
I completely became helpless now.

독 안에 든 쥐 상태에서는 우선 빠져 나왔다.
I came out of helpless state.



When something happens without any notice or all of sudden, it is called 뜬금 없다.

개리 sometimes show great ability in games. Thanks to that, he is sometimes called 뜬금 능력자.

갑자기 뜬금없이 왜 그런 이야기를 하고 그래?
Why are you talking to me like that all of sudden?

뜬금없는 이야기인 거 아는데, 네 도움이 필요해.
I need your help. I know it well that it sounds weird.

헛다리 짚다


When your leg is itchy, but you scratched the wrong leg. It is wrong. 헛다리 짚기 is something like that. You guessed wrong.

In RM series that covers

It is often translated as bark up the wrong tree or shoot at the wrong mark.

계속 헛다리만 짚네.
I continuously bark at the wrong tree.

헛다리 그만 짚고, 여기로 와 봐.
Stop shooting at the wrong mark and come here!

More Words

1. 감이 오다


When you get the hang of something, it is called 감이 오다. It is related with the word, 감을 잡다.

2. 새옹지마


You don't know the future. 새옹지마 is the word for that. You can learn the story, too.