Running Man 263(뷰티풀 청춘 레이스, Beautiful Youth Race)

난생 처음


난생 means from the birth to now. I became curious what 한자 character 난 uses in 난생. When I looked up the dictionary, there was nothing like that. 생 is 날 생(生), but 난 has no 한자 character for this.

난생 is used with 처음 in almost every case. 난생 처음 means (experiencing something) the first time in my life.

난생 처음 해 보는 일이라 실수가 많다.
As I have never done this before, there are many mistakes.

난생 처음 써 보는 한국어 일기라 그런지 내가 읽어 봐도 이상하다.
As this is my first-ever diary in Korean, it looks strange even for me.



When someone is whining for something, it is called 앙탈 in Korean. 앙탈 is noun form and 앙탈을 부리다 is verbal form.

그 아이가 갑자기 "소녀시대 노래를 틀어 달라"라고 앙탈을 부려서 당황했다.
I was confused because that kid whined, "please turn on the SNSD music."

앙탈 좀 그만 부리고 가서 일 해.
Stop whining and go working!



It came from the word, 깐족거리다, saying something naughty continuously to tease someone.

In Running Man, many people are teased for their performance. Because of that, you can see this word a lot.

그만 좀 깐족거려. 집중이 안 되잖아!
Stop teasing me. I cannot concentrate.

남들 깐족거리는 것 신경 안 쓴다.
I don't care about the teasing by others.



When you start something really late in age, it is called 늦깎이 in Korean.

늦깎이로 배운 영어가 이렇게 유용할 줄이야.
I didn't know that English I learned late in my life can be this useful.

내 인생은 항상 늦깎이였다. 하지만 꾸준히 노력했더니 성공한 사람이 되었다.
My life was always late behind. However, I became successful as I put my effort continuously.



This word came from baseball. It's a fast ball in baseball. When ball is fast, it doesn't curve a lot, because of that, it is 직(直, straight)구, not a 속(速, fast)구.

The 돌 in 돌직구 is stone or rock. When there is a lot of spin in fast ball, it is hard to hit and the ball doesn't fly a lot. 돌직구 got this name because it is hard to hit the ball like stone or rock. It got this name because of the player, 오승환, in 삼성 라이온즈. He was really great closing pitcher and he is now a player in Japan. Actually, 돌직구 is only used for his fast balls.

From this word, the second meaning is created. When someone tells something straightforward, it is 돌직구. In conversations between Koreans, many sentences are not clear. Many hidden meanings can be found because sometimes this straightforwardness can hurt people's mind. However, 돌직구s are clear about the situation.

Similar words for 돌직구 are 단도직입, 직설적.

하는 말 하나 하나가 돌직구야.
His every word is straightforward.

"너는 춤 추면 안 되겠다"라며 돌직구를 던졌다.
She said straightforward, "you should not dance."

More Words



눈치 means to notice something. You can learn more about the word by visiting the link.