Order & Count 2 – Korean Numbers #6

Last week, I've told you about 3 words which have different meaning when they are used with Sino-Korean numbers and pure Korean numbers. In this episode, I'll tell you 3 more words. They are 권, 편, 화.

권 is used to count the number of books. When you use 권 with Sino-Korean numbers, it means the order of the book. For example, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is 해리 포터 2권(이권), it's not 해리 포터 두 권. If you've read two Harry Potter books, it is 해리 포터 두 권을 읽었다, it's not 해리 포터 2권을 읽었다.

그 두꺼운 책 일곱 권을 오늘 다 봤다고?
Did you say that you finished 7 thick books today?

하루에 한 권 씩 보면 이번 달 내로 다 보겠네.
If I read it one book a day, I will read them all in this month.

6권 다 봤으면 나 줘. 읽게.
If you finished the book 6, give it to me. I'll read it.

지금 90권까지 나왔는데, 아직도 더 나온대.
The series has 90 books, but it says that it will come out more.

편 is used to count the number of stories. So, it is used with novels(소설), movies(영화), etc.

아이언맨 세 편을 하루에 다 보려고 했는데 친구한테서 연락이 왔다.
I tried to watch 3 Iron Man movies today, but I got a call from my friend.

영화 한 편 보고 자려고 했는데, 볼만한 것이 없네.
I wanted to go to bed after watching a movie, but there is nothing interesting to watch.

책은 7권까지 다 나왔지만, 영화는 아직 4편까지밖에 안 나왔어.
As for books, the 7th and final book came out. However, there are only four movies.

역시 2편보다는 1편이 더 나은 것 같아.
It seems that the first movie is better than the second one.

As 편 can be used to count novels, some of you might have wondered the difference between 권 and 편. In some books, you can find many short stories in a single book. In that case, you can speak like this in Korean.

이 책 한 권에는 단편소설 스무 편이 들어있다.
In this single book, there are 20 short stories.

화 is the special word for episodes of Drama. Like 권 and 편, if you use it with pure Korean numbers, it means the number of episodes. When you use Sino-Korean numbers, it means the order of the episode.

드라마는 한 번 보면 멈추기가 어려워서 오늘 열 화 정도 봤어.
When I start to watch TV series, it's hard to stop. So, I've watched almost 10 episodes.

하루에 한 화씩만 보려고 했는데, 다 봐 버렸다.
I planned to watch one episode a day. But I finished them all.

15화였던가? 주인공이 죽는게?
Was it episode 15? When the main character dies?

6화에서 여주인공이 죽었는데, 다행히 다음 화에서 살아났어.
In the 6th episode, female lead was dead. However, she revived in the next episode.