Multiple Markers 2

We’ll continue learning how to use multiple markers together.

Auxiliary Marker II + Auxiliary Marker I

If you want to use 2 types of auxiliary markers together, you should use auxiliary marker II(만, 까지, 다가, 밖에, 부터, 조차) before auxiliary marker I(은/는, 야, 도, (이)나, (이)라도).

15일까지는 완성할 수 있을 것 같아.
I guess I can finish it until the 15th.

그 아이는 엄청 울다가도 만화책만 주면 밝게 웃었다.
That kid smiled brightly even after crying hard.

지금 천 원밖에는 낼 수가 없어. 돈이 없어서.
I cannot give you more than 1,000 won. Because I’m broke.

오늘부터라도 시작해 봐.
It’s OK. How about starting it today?

나조차도 그런 생각은 해 본 적이 없었다.
I even think about it myself.

그렇게만이라도 해 줄 수 있겠어?
I know it’s not good. But can you do that for me?

Case marker II + Auxiliary Marker II

Case marker II(에, 에게, 에서, (으)로, 와/과, 처럼, 보다) should be in front of auxiliary marker II.

집에조차 오지 않았다면 어디로 간 거지?
If she didn’t even come home, where did she go?

여기로부터 차로 15분 정도 가면 될 거예요.
It might take about 15 minutes by car from here.

그 책은 여기에서만 살 수 있는 거야.
You can only buy that book here.



Until here, we only learned how to use different types of markers together. However, there are some exceptions.

까지 is a weird marker.

It can work with other type II auxiliary markers like 밖에, 만.

여기까지밖에 해 줄 수 없어서 미안하다.
I’m sorry because that’s everything I could do.

그것까지만 하고 쉴게.
I’ll rest after finishing that.

Sometimes, 까지 even places in front of some case markers like 까지보다, 까지에.

지금까지보다 더 나은 방법은 없는지 항상 고민해 봐야 한다.
We should always consider whether there is a better method than what we’ve used until today.

1권부터 10권까지에 드러난 사실을 종합해 보면, 주인공은 범인이 아닌 것 같다.
If I compile all the facts I can find from the book 1 to book 10, I guess the main character is not a culprit.

You can use type II case makers together.

너에게로 가는 길.
The way to you.

철수에게처럼 사실을 얘기했어야 했다.
As I did to 철수, I should have told her the truth.

학교에서와 집에서의 행동이 너무 다르다.
His life is really different between at home and at school.