MT(Membership Training) – Konglish Words #3

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The third Konglish Word is MT. It stands for Membership Training. Some of you might have wondered what you have to train for your membership. It is a word for get together of people in a same major or company. It is a kind of trip between them. This is not a word that can be translated word by word, so some foreigners who know Korean sometimes use MT for their get-together in their company.

As so many students drink a lot in MT, some foreigners sarcastically say that it should be called alcohol training. Because of the beverages, it causes a lot of problems in MT sites and it sometimes becomes a news. So some people don't do MT to train their intestines but to help others or to learn how to be employed.

It usually happens on the early weekends of semesters. Most students in a major participate it, so many classes are canceled(휴강 in Korean) on the MT day. However, some classes are done even though a handful of students attend that class. Foreign professors or professors who studied in English-speaking countries usually say on the MT day that our classroom is empty because many students went to MT. It is a word play because MT of membership training and empty of nothing in a space sound same.

MT related words are MT비(MT fee), 연합 MT(MT that is done with many majors), MT 일정(MT schedule).


MT 가면 그냥 놀기만 하는 줄 아는데, 요즘은 꼭 그런 것 같지도 않다.
Some people think that you all hang out when you go to MT, but that is not always true these days.

MT 참여가 성적에 반영되는 건 좀 너무한데.
It is too much that the participation in MT is added to the final score in the class.

MT 안 가면 안 될까?
Do I have to participate it?


The similar Konglish word of MT is OT. It stands for OrienTation. The meaning is not different from English, a program of introduction for newcomers to a college or an institution. OT is usually bigger than MT because it is for entire university or entire department in a university.