Korean Negative Statement Overview – Korean Negative Statements #1

From today, we'll learn "not" in Korean. If we use some grammar jargons, we'll learn how to make negative statements.

It sounds too basic, because it's about making sentences like "This is not a chair", "I'll not visit there next month", etc.

Unfortunately, like many other Korean grammar rules, many case-by-case scenarios and weird rules are waiting for you.

In this episode, we'll learn the overview of negative sentences in Korean.

There are 3 types of negative statements in Korean, 안 negative, 못 negative and 말다 negative. These 3 negative statements are used for different situations.

안 negative is just simple negation of the sentence like "it is not a PC", "it is not a pen", "it is not a paper", etc. When it is used with verbs, you didn't do that intentionally like "I didn't go to school yesterday on purpose."

못 negative is used with only verbs. It is for the lack of ability. In simple words, it usually means "cannot".

말다 negative is also used with only verbs. It is for order, command, or recommendation like "let's not run now", "do not say a thing, just listen", etc.


이것은 검정색 종이가 아니라 김이다.
This is not a black paper. It's 김, seaweed.

내일은 학교에 가지 않을 것이다.
I won't go to school tomorrow.

어제는 아파서 학교에 갈 수 없었다.
I was sick yesterday. So, I couldn't go to school.

다리가 아파서 더는 못 걷겠어요.
My legs are tired. I cannot walk any more.

오늘은 TV보지 말고 운동을 하자.
Let's not watch TV today and do some exercise.

밤에는 라면 먹지 마.
Don't eat 라면 at nights.

From next week, we'll learn the rules one by one in more detail.