Counting Words 7 – Korean Numbers #14

We've been learning counting nouns for weeks. This is the final episode of counting nouns and Korean numbers. We'll cover nouns for length, distances, percentage, weight, area, volume.

Korea uses metric system. So, US Listeners might be unfamiliar with the metric system. I'll compare them before the example sentences.


To measure length or distances, you should use mm, cm, m, km.

1cm: 0.39 inch, 1 inch: 2.54cm
1m: 3.28 feet, 1 foot: 0.3m, 30cm
1m: 1.09 yd, 1yd: 0.91m
1km: 0.62mile, 1mile: 1.6km

1km = 1000m
1m = 100cm = 1000mm
1cm = 10mm

그의 키는 165cm이다.
He is 165cm tall.

한 5m 정도 떨어진 곳에 슈퍼가 있어.
There is a supermarket 5m away.

매일 3km씩 달리고 있다.
I run 3km a day.

One thing to note is that cm(센티미터), km(킬로미터), mm(밀리미터) are a bit too long to pronounce. So, many Koreans just pronounce them like 센티/센치, 킬로/키로, 밀리/미리. It seems that the latter ones(센치, 키로, 미리) came from Japanese, but Koreans use them because they are a bit more convenient to pronounce than 센티/킬로/밀리.


Koreans use 퍼센트 for percentage. However, you should know that many Koreans love to use 프로. Both 퍼센트 and 프로 are standard.

100% 확신이 서지 않아서 우선 가만히 있었어.
I wasn't 100% sure about that, so I didn't move.

2% 부족하네.
It's a little deficient.

Because of the beverage, 2% 부족할때, some Koreans use 2% as a little. You should always read it as 2프로, not 2퍼센트.


To measure weight, you should use g, kg.

1g: 0.035oz, 1oz: 28.3g
1kg: 2.2lb, 1lb: 0.45kg

1kg = 1000g
1t = 1000kg

50g 더 들어 있는데 300원 더 비싸면 이득인 건가?
There are 50g more in it and 300 won more expensive. Then, is it better?

0.1t이나 100kg이나 같은데 0.1t이 더 무겁게 느껴지지?
0.1t and 100kg are same but 0.1t sounds heavier. Doesn't it?

Like km, kg is usually shortened to 킬로/키로. It's not that confusing because the context is different.

When you buy meats, you can see the word, 근. It's a traditional counting noun for meats. 1근 of meat equals to 600g or 1.3lb.


To measure area, you should use m²(제곱미터), km²(제곱킬로미터). When width is 1m and height is 1m, it's 1m². Likewise, 1km² is 1km X 1km in width and height.

1ac: 4,046m²
1km²: 1,000,000m²

그 집은 117m²이다.
That house is 117m².

In real estate agents', you can see 평 a lot. 평 is used to measure the area of houses or land. 1 평 is 3.3m².


To measure volume, you should use liter(리터), milliliter(밀리리터).

1oz: 29.6ml
1 gal: 3.79l, 1 liter = 0.26gal = 33.81 oz
1 bbl: 158.9l

Usually, one carton of milk can contain 1liter. However, these days, there is only 930ml or 900 ml in them.

요즘에는 우유곽 하나에 1l 들어 있는 것 찾기 힘들지?
These days, it is hard to find a carton of milk with 1l. Right?