Counting Words 6 – Korean Numbers #13


When you count flowers as bouquets, you can use the word, 다발. When you use 다발, flowers should be tied. Otherwise, you should use 송이.

이 장미 꽃 한 다발에 얼마에요?
How much are the roses as a bouquet?

내일 여자친구에게 선물로 줄 꽃을 한 다발 샀다.
I've bought a bouquet to give it to my girlfriend tomorrow.

The word for bouquet in Korean, 꽃다발, came from this noun.


묶다 means to tie. Except flowers, you should use 묶음 for tied objects.

여기 배추 한 묶음 주세요.
A bundle of cabbages here.

버릴 책을 세 묶음으로 나누었다. 하루에 한 묶음씩 버릴 생각이다.
I've tied the unnecessary books in 3 bundles. I will throw them away one bundle a day.

판 usually means a board. As we all know, there are 30 eggs on a tray. So, it means 30 eggs. Sometimes, you can find 10, 12, or 20 eggs in a tray. However, usually, if you bought 계란 한 판, it means 30. Because of that, some Koreans use this phrase to call themselves when they become 30.

계란 한 판 사면 한 달은 먹던가?
If we buy a tray of eggs, do we eat them in a month?

Traditionally, games were played on boards. So, when you play a game, Koreans use the word, 판.

게임 한 판만 하고 갈게.
I will follow you after playing a set of game.

윷놀이 한 판 어때?
How about playing a set of 윷놀이?


다스 is dozen. It seems that it came from Japanese. It means 12 in Korean, too. However, you should only use it with pencils or pens in Korean. When you buy pencils or pens a lot, you should buy dozens of them at a time.

고등학교 때 산 연필 한 다스가 아직도 있다.
I still have the dozen of pencils I bought when I was in high school.

Quiz Words

Interestingly, there are some hard words for counting a bundle of items. These words should not be your priority. Even some native speakers don't know these words.

두름: 생선 20마리(20 fish, mostly for 조기, croaker, yellow corbina)
쌈: 바늘 24개(24 needles)
톳: 김 100장(100 laver/kim)
손: 생선 2 마리(2 fish, mostly for 고등어, mackerel)