Counting Words 3 – Korean Numbers #10

Let's continue to learn counting nouns.

통 is used to count messages like 편지(letter), 전화(phone call), 문자(SMS).

군에 있을 때 여자 친구가 매일 편지 한 통을 보내 주었다.
When I was in army, my girlfriend sent me a letter every day.

한 달에 핸드폰으로 전화가 한 통 오면 많이 온 거야.
If I got one phone call a month, I got a lot.

무슨 문자를 1분에 한 통씩 보내고 그래?
Why did you send me a SMS a minute?

통 also means a bucket or container. So, if you want to count the number of buckets, you can use the word, 통.

페인트 세 통을 사 왔는데 아직도 부족하다.
I've bought 3 buckets of paint, but we still need more.

부 is used to count the number of magazines or newspapers.

신문 한 부 주세요.
A newspaper, please.

잡지 두 부를 사서 하나는 내가 갖고, 하나는 친구를 주었다.
I've bought 2 magazines. One is for me and I gave the other to my friend.

Some TV or radio shows are divided into parts. For about an hour, the show is aired, then some ads are aired, after that, the show continues. Usually, the air time of these ads are long. It is usually more than 10 minutes. In these shows, these parts are called 부. The first part is 1부, the second part is 2부, the third part is 3부, etc.

3부에서 계속되니까요. 꼭 채널 고정해 주세요.
The show continues on the part 3. Stay tuned!


사발/그릇/접시/컵/잔 are used to count the number of dishes. 사발 and 그릇 are used to count bowls. 접시 is used to count plates. 컵 and 잔 is used to count cups, glasses, or goblets, etc.

겨울에는 육개장 한 사발이 최고지.
A bowl of 육개장 is the best in winter.

벌써 여섯 그릇째야. 그렇게 많이 먹어도 되겠어?
You've just finished 6th plate. Is it OK to eat that much?

한 접시 더 주세요.
One more helping, please.

물 한 잔 먹고 다시 시작해야지.
After drinking a glass of water, I will start again.

화분에 물은 두 컵 정도만 주면 충분하겠지?
It might be sufficient to give 2 cups of water to the pot. Right?