CF(Commercial Film) – Konglish Words #7

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With Explanation

Advertisements are one of the profit sources of many people. When we are watching TV, we see a lot of ads between the shows. These TV ads are called commercials in English. In Korea, no one call that 커머셜 or something. It is called CF in Korean. It stands for Commercial Film.

CF is only used for TV ads and this word is not used for other formats. The ads in newspapers are called 신문 광고. If you read newspapers in Korean, you might have seen the word, 전면 광고. 전면 means entire page, so 전면 광고 is the ad which fills up the entire page of the newspaper. Some text and flash ads in web pages are called 인터넷 광고. In some TV shows, some products are intentionally added for promotion. It is called PPL, Product in Placement, in English and it is called 간접 광고(indirect advertisement) in Korean.

CF-related phrases are CF를 찍다(making a commercial), CF가 들어오다(getting a request to show up as an actor in a commercial), 패션 CF(commercial about fashion), 화장품 CF(commercial about cosmetics), etc. There is a word called CF의 여왕(Queen of Commercials) in Korean. The word indicates the woman who takes commercials a lot in certain period. If someone became a CF의 여왕, then you can see her in almost everywhere in Korea like between the TV shows, next to the bus stop, in subways, etc.


드라마 광고인 줄 알았는데, 배달 앱 CF였어.
I thought that it was an ad about a TV series, but it was a commercial about delivery app.

그 CF 재밌더라.
That commercial was really interesting.

그 CF는 너무 자주 나오는 것 같아. 완전 다 외울 수 있겠어.
It seems that that commercial airs too much. I can completely remember it.