Causative From Examples 2 – Causative and Passive Forms #3

We covered 이, 히, 리 last week. We'll cover other suffixes today.

Transitive verbs

기: 감다(close eyes, wash one's hair, wrap something) -> 감기다, 뜯다(cattle/sheep eating grass) -> 뜯기다, 맡다(take charge) -> 맡기다, 벗다(take off clothes) -> 벗기다, 안다(hug) -> 안기다
우: 지다(carry something on one's back) -> 지우다

아이가 아직 어려서 매번 머리를 감겨 주어야 한다.
Kid is still young, so I have to wash her hair.

양들에게 풀을 뜯긴 후에 물가로 데려갔다.
I let sheep eat grass and took them to water side.

일을 맡기기 전에는 최대한 의심하고, 일을 맡긴 후에는 절대 의심하지 마라.
Before making people take charge of something, doubt as much as you can. But if you made them take charge, don't make a doubt at all.

피 묻은 옷을 벗겼다.
I took off his bloody clothes.

졸업하는 딸에게 꽃다발을 안겨 주었다.
I gave my daughter a bouquet in her graduation ceremony.

네게 너무 무거운 짐을 지운 것 같다.
It seems that I gave you a huge burden.

Intransitive verbs.

기: 남다(be left, remain) -> 남기다, 웃다(laugh) -> 웃기다, 숨다(hide) -> 숨기다
우: 깨다(wake up) -> 깨우다, 비다(make it empty) -> 비우다
구: 돋다(rise, increase) -> 돋구다

음식은 남기지 말고 다 먹어.
Do not leave any food and eat all of them.

공주를 웃겨 보려고 수많은 사람이 노력했지만 다 실패했다.
To make princess laugh, many people tried but failed.

이거는 너무 커서 숨기지 못하겠는데?
It's too big that I cannot hide it.

잘 테니까 깨우지 마.
I'll sleep so don't wake me up.

쓰레기통은 내가 비울게.
I'll empty the trash bin.

흥을 돋구기 위해 음악을 틀었다.
To increase the mood, I turned on the music.

Descriptive Verbs

You might have noticed that I only covered 이, 히, 리, 기, 우, 구. You can find 추 for only descriptive verbs and you cannot find 추 for verbs. There are some descriptive verbs that have 이, 히, too. Let's practice.

이: 높다(high) -> 높이다
히: 넓다(broad, wide) -> 넓히다, 좁다(narrow, small) -> 좁히다, 밝다(bright) -> 밝히다
추: 낮다(low) -> 낮추다, 늦다(late) -> 늦추다

담장을 좀 더 높이든지 해야겠다. 밖에서 집 안이 다 보이네.
We should make our wall higher. Everyone can see the inside.

사장실을 넓히기 위해 회의실을 좁힌다는 의견에는 모두 반대했다.
Everyone was against the idea about making meeting room smaller to make president's office wider.

곧 태양이 어둠을 밝혀 줄 것이다.
The sun will make here bright soon.

난이도룰 낮추니 만점자가 늘어났다.
They lowered the difficulty and those who got full mark increased.

일정을 좀 늦출 수 있을까요?
Can we delay our schedule a bit?