Car Konglish #3(사이드 브레이크, 쇼바, 오픈카, 카센터) – Konglish Words #29

3 Speed Only

With Explanation

We are now learning Konglish words related with cars. We will finish this series with 4 more words, 사이드 브레이크, 쇼바, 오픈카, 카센터.

사이드 브레이크

Next to the driver's seat, there is a hand brake. It is also called emergency brake, e-brake, parking brake. It is called 사이드 브레이크 in Korean as it is at the side of driver's seat. Although the word, side break, is found on google, it seems that it is less frequently used than other terms.

사이드 브레이크 걸어 놓았으니 문제 없을 거야.
I activated hand brake, so there will be no problem.

사이드 브레이크까지 올려 놓았는데 차가 미끄러졌다.
The car skidded even though I activated parking brake.


It sounds a little odd. It is a short form of shock absorber. It took 쇼 from shock and 바 from ber in absorber. It is also called 완충기, but it has broader meaning. 쇼바 means only the shock absorber that is used on wheels, but 완충기 covers shock absorber and bumper. In newspapers or formal documents, it is usually written as 쇼크업소버.

쇼바가 망가져서 새로 바꿔주었다.
As the shock absorber is broken, I replaced it.

쇼바를 쓰면 안정성과 승차감이 좋아진다.
If a shock absorber is used, the stability is improved and the car becomes more comfortable.

오픈 카

Some cars have roofs that can be folded down or removed. They are called convertible in English and 오픈 카 in Korean. As the roofs of convertibles are open to the sky, they got this name. Although many Koreans use the word, 오픈카, it is also called 컨버터블 between some people.

꿈에 그리던 오픈 카를 하나 뽑았다.
I bought a convertible of my dream.

신혼 여행 때 오픈카를 하나 빌려서 유럽 여행을 했다.
In honeymoon, we rented a convertible and traveled Europe.


When your precious car is out of order, you bring it to auto repair shop in English and 카센터 in Korean. The word, center, is sometimes used for meetup places like community center. 카센터 is the place for broken cars to meet up.

어제 난 사고 때문에 카센터에 차를 맡겼다.
Because of the accident yesterday, I left my car at auto repair shop.

카센터에 가 보니 수리 비용이 100만원이 넘는다고 한다.
I visited the auto repair shop and the mechanic said that the price would be more than 1 million won.