Car Konglish #1(핸들, 악셀, 클랙슨, 썬팅) – Konglish Words #27

3 Speed Only

With Explanation

Many foreigners complain about the Konglish words in cars. I researched about them and there were 9 words. The podcast becomes a bit long if I tell you the all 9 words today, so I will tell you 4 words today and other 5 words next episode.


It means steering wheel. Many products have handles and we grab them with those handles. We grab steering wheel to control the car. I think that's why 핸들 became steering wheel.

여자들은 자동차 핸들을 두 손으로 잡는데 남자들은 한 손으로 잡는 경우가 많아.
Most women grab steering wheels with both hands, but most men grab them with one hand.

핸들에 뭐 쏟았어? 끈적끈적하다.
Did you spill something on the wheel? It's sticky.


It means accelerator. Like almost every Konglish words, it is a short form of 액셀러레이터 and it is hard to find the usage of the long and original form. They made 6 syllable word to 2 syllables.

브레이크를 밟아야 하는데 악셀을 밟아서 사고 날 뻔했다.
I had to step on the brake, but I did on the accelerator. It was almost a crash.

악셀 좀 밟아. 너무 느리다.
Step on accelerator more. It's too slow.


It means horn. It came from the company name, Klaxon. They make horns. Although it is written as 클랙슨 in Korean dictionary, it is also called like 클락숀, 클랙션 in Korean.

2002년 월드컵 때 축구 경기 도중 가끔 빵 빵 빵빵이라고 클랙슨을 울리는 사람들이 있었다.
In 2002 World Cup, there were some drivers who sound their horn like beep beep beepbeep.

When Korean people root for their national soccer team, they say "대~한 민국." The drivers mimicked this way of speaking with their horns.

클랙슨을 교체해야 할 것 같다. 소리가 잘 안 나네.
I think I should change the horn. It doesn't sound well.

Many Koreans also call them 경적. You can use 경적 in examples above.


It means tinting. Many drivers cover their windows with films and it is called tinting in English and 썬팅 in Korean. I think the 썬 in 썬팅 is the sun in the sky, because tinting can protect you from harmful sunlight.

썬팅을 너무 짙게 하면 사고가 나기 쉬워진다고 한다.
If you tint your car too dark, then the accidents can happen more easily.

3개월간 기다려 오던 썬팅을 오늘에서야 했다.
I did tinting today which I waited for 3 months.