AI(Avian Flu, Avian Influenza) – Konglish Words #22

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If you live in Korea, you might read or listen to the news in Korean. Newspapers try not to use Konglish and use Korean instead, but there are still some Konglish words in newspapers. AI is one of them.

You might have first thought that AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. In some forums of game websites, they say AI as Artificial Intelligence like 몬스터 AI 변경(the change of monster AI). In many cases, they call it 인공 지능. 인공 is artificial and 지능 is intelligence.

The AI I am talking about stands for Avian Influenza. It is usually called Avian Flu in English. It is hard to find AI as Avian Flu in English. AI doesn't occur frequently in Korea, but once it occurs it makes a lot of problem, and it becomes a big news.

AI related words are AI 확산(the spread of avian flu), AI 창궐(rampancy of avian flu), etc.


AI로 인해서 3만 마리의 닭을 살처분했다.
Because of the avian flu, 30,000 chickens were killed.

AI가 수도권에 퍼지는 것을 막아야 한다.
We should stop the spread of avian flu near Seoul.

추석에 AI가 창궐해서 큰일이다.
It is a crisis now because AI is rampant on Chuseok.

It is called 조류 독감 in Korean. It is used, too. But AI is horizontally shorter than 조류독감, AI used a lot in news titles because of the space.