A/S(에이에스) – Konglish Words #1

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With Explanation

Every digital device has its own guarantee. In Korean, it is not called as 개런티 for guarantees or 워런티 for warranties. It is called A/S. It is not a conjunction "as." It is usually written as A/S(capital A slash(/) capital S). It stands for After Service.

This service includes installation of the product, repairs and checkups. These services are provided after the product is sold, so it is called After Service or A/S. The longer form 애프터서비스 is not used a lot, it is usually used as short form A/S and pronounced like 에이에스.

It is used like A/S 기간(guarantee period), A/S 지원(warranty support), A/S 비용(repair or checkup cost), A/S 처리(repair or fix something with the repair service), etc.


이 컴퓨터 A/S 기간이 어떻게 되지?
How many years of guarantee does this PC have?

A/S 지원도 안 해 주는 것을 왜 샀어?
Why did you buy something that doesn't provide any warranty?

A/S 비용은 전부 소비자 부담입니다.
The customer should pay all of the repair costs.