5 Words in Running Man Episode 242(Mission Worldwide) – Learn Korean with Running Man

Like last week, I collected 5 words from Running Man Ep 242(미션 월드와이드, Mission Worldwide). I hope you enjoy these words and the show.


When you met someone famous like meeting 유재석 in person or you did something really impressive like participating in a game with Running Man members, you will surely want to leave it as a photo and boast about them. If you don't have any photo about it, no one will believe that you really did it. These photos are called 인증샷. It can be a proof that you really did it.

인증샷 is 인증(authentication) + 샷(picture). The word is used to call a proof photo. 인증 is used a lot in programming. It is authentication in English. You always do it when you log on to a website. To do that, you should show that you are authentic. Like this, you should sometimes show the pictures to make your friends believe what you said is authentic or trustworthy. 샷 means photo here. Everyone usually call it 사진, not a 샷, but it became like this.

친구가 런닝맨 촬영장에서 하하와 함께 찍은 인증샷을 페이스북에 올렸다.
One friend of mine took a picture with Ha Ha in Running Man game site and uploaded it on Facebook.

다음에는 인증샷 꼭 찍어 놔야지. 아무도 안 믿네.
I will definitely take proof photo next time. No one believes it.


기(奇) means weird, 상(想) means idea or thought, 천(天) means sky, 외(外) means outside. It means the idea that is so weird that it seems that it didn't exist under the sky.

The games on this episode were really unusual. That's why they used this term to describe the games like 기상천외한 게임.

기상천외한 아이디어들을 모으고 있다.
He's collecting weird ideas.

다들 기상천외한 아이디어라 반대했는데, 대박이 났어.
Everyone turned it down because it is a weird idea, but it became a huge hit.

간발의 차

When the game was really tight and you almost lost it but won eventually, it is called 간발의 차로 이기다 in Korean. 간 means between, 발 means hair or fur and 차 means difference. The original meaning of 간발의 차 is the difference between the hairs or the difference as small as between the hairs. It means the extremely small difference of points, distance, scores in games.

The similar word used a lot is 한 끗 차이. 끗 here is not 끝. It came from old Korean and was used to count the score in games(they were usually gambles). 한 끗 차이 is the difference of one point.

That's why 간발의 차 or 한 끗 차이 is used when you narrowly won or lost the game.

연장전 12회 말, 간발의 차로 세이프가 선언되어 간신히 역전승했다.
In 12th bottom, the safe was declared by a hairs breath. We narrowly won the game by turning it around.

간발의 차로 졌다고 말하고 싶기는 한데, 13:0을 그렇게 얘기할 수는 없겠지?
I want to say that we lost by a nose, but we cannot say 13:0 like that. Right?

아랑곳하지 않다

아랑곳 means concern or interest. 아랑곳하다 means care about or concern something. 아랑곳하지 않다 means not to care about or to ignore something.

You can eliminate 하지 from 아랑곳하지 않다 and use it like 아랑곳 않다. In TV shows, it is used a lot in this form, because of the space.

지난 실패에 아랑곳하지 않고, 다시 도전했다.
He didn't concern about his last failure and tried again.

방해에 아랑곳하지 않고 꾸준히 자기 일에 충실했다.
Ignoring the hindrances, she was constantly faithful about her works.



줄행랑 means running away. Sometimes it is used like 삼십육계 줄행랑. 삼십육계 is the 36 principles of war and these rules are created even before The Art of War(손자병법) by Sun Tzu. The 36th Principle is how to flee. It doesn't mean fleeing cowardly but how to retreat wisely and bid the next chance. Because of that, Koreans sometimes call it 삼십육계 줄행랑, but many people doesn't know why 삼십육계 is 삼십육계.

깡패를 보자마자 그는 뒤도 돌아보지 않고 줄행랑쳤다.
As soon as he saw a gangster, he fled without looking back once.

줄행랑치지 말고 나와라.
Come out and do not flee!


In Running Man, they deceive others to win. Because of that, the word, 시치미, is used a lot and you can find about it again in this episode. I covered it in one of my previous posts in this blog.