5 Words in Running Man Episode 241 – Learn Korean with Running Man

These are the 5 words I found in Running Man Episode 241, Don't believe that girl(비밀의 동창생, Secret graduate). I hope you have fun with the words and the show.



This word was in the title of the show. It means the students who graduated from the school in the same year. 동(同) means same and 창(窓) means windows. The basic meaning of 동창생 is those who studied beside the same window. To do that, you should study under the same teacher and you should be in the same level. That's why 동창생 got its meaning.

동창생 중에는 벌써 결혼해 아들까지 있는 친구도 있다.
Some of my school friends already married and have a son.

이번 동창회에는 동창생들이 다 모이지 못했다.
Some of my old school friends couldn't come to this meetup.

When 동창생s meet up, it is called 동창회.



또박또박 is used when you talk words syllable by syllable. It sounds a bit mechanical.

마치 책을 읽는 것처럼 또박또박 말하는 모습이 웃겼다.
It was funny when he said syllable by syllable like reading a book.

한국에 처음 왔을 때는 또박또박 기계처럼 말하더니, 요즘은 많이 자연스러워졌어.
When you first came to Korea, you talked syllable by syllable like machine, but it became much more natural now.


When you call only one woman in a crowd of people. She is called 홍일점, a single red point. If you think of the public toilets, it is easily understandable. Men are usually blue, and women are usually red. As you can guess from this example, the single male in a crowd is called 청일점, a single blue dot.

The expression has long history, and the toilet example is not related with the creation of the word. It came from the poem of Wang Anshi, a poet in Ancient China.

萬綠叢中 紅一點(만록총중 홍일점)
動人春色 不須多(동인춘색 불수다)

많은 푸른 잎 가운데 한 송이 붉은 꽃
사람을 움직이는 봄빛 많은들 무엇하리

A single red flower among many green leaves
No use of many spring lights making people move

홍일점 is the word in the second part in the first line. The poem is about the atmosphere of the spring, but there is an interpretation that he tried to praise the rare women who work in the crowd of men.

송지효는 런닝맨 팀의 홍일점이다.
송지효 is the only woman in the Running Man team.

그녀는 개발팀의 홍일점이다.
She is the only woman in the development team.

설득력 있다.

When something is persuasive, Koreans say that it has the power to persuade people. 설득력 is the power of persuading.

If it is not persuasive, then use the expression, 설득력 없다.

그냥 해 본 말이 그렇게 설득력 있을지 몰랐다.
I have never thought that what I said without thinking could be that persuasive.

설득력 있는 말을 하려면 우선 많이 알아야 한다.
You should know a lot first to say something persuasive.



반전 is a literary word. It is called turn or twist in a plot. For example, a man is good and helps others a lot in the early stages of the novel. However, he turned out to be the person who planned all cruel things. It is called 반전 in Korean.

내 삶은 왜 이렇게 반전이 없냐.
Why doesn't my life have any tuning points?

If you say 반전 없다, it means no change or just constant or consistent.

너무나 갑작스럽게 일어난 반전이어서 많이 당황했다.
I was really confused because it happened so suddenly.


There once came out the word, 시종일관 in the episode and I covered that in a post of mine.