5 Words in Running Man Ep. 251(사랑과 전쟁, Love & War) – Learn Korean With Running Man

Following are the 5 words in Running Man episode 251, 사랑과 전쟁(Love and War). The title, 사랑과 전쟁, is originated from the famous TV show with the same name. I hope you have fun with the show and the words.



When something never happened before, it is called unprecedented. It is 전무후무 in Korean.

전(前) means front or before. 2 무(無)s are nothing or doesn't exist. 후(後) means back or after. The basic meaning of 전무후무 is never before and it will never be after. We cannot know it will really never happen later, but to emphasize the meaning, there it is.

그가 기록한 100m 달리기 8.98초는 전무후무한 기록이다.
His record, 8.98s in 100m sprint, was unprecedented record.

이번 신입 사원 환영식은 전무후무한 규모로 치러졌다.
This welcoming ceremony was held in unprecedented scale.



잉꼬 is love bird, a kind of parrot. The word 잉꼬 came from Japanese, because of that, some people prefer the word 앵무새 for 잉꼬. However, no one calls 잉꼬부부 as 앵무새 부부.
As couples of 잉꼬 get along well, so some couples are called 잉꼬 부부 who are getting along well. I found that some people use love birds to describe these close couples, but it is hard to find real use cases.

In dictionary, it says that we should change 잉꼬부부 as 원앙부부. However, it is less frequently used than 잉꼬부부.

민호와 미정은 잉꼬부부로 유명하다.
민호 and 미정 are famous for being love birds couple.

그들은 잘 알려지지 않은 잉꼬부부다.
They are not well known love birds couple.



It is a gaming word. It means maximum level.

만 here came from 한자, 만(滿), meaning full. 만렙 means to become full level or maximum level. 렙 is the shortened form of 레벨, level.

Although it is a gaming word, it is used a lot in daily lives. When someone is a master of something, many people call him or her 만렙

For gamers, I will write some words related with levels.

  • 저렙: low level (user)
  • 고렙: high level (user)
  • 렙업: level up

그의 요리 실력은 완전 만렙이다.
He is the master of cooking.

만렙 포스를 풍겼지만 경기는 싱겁게 끝이 났다.
He showed like master, but the game ended without any tension.



Some 한자어s are changed after a long period of time. 서랍(drawer) is one of them. It is said that it was once 설합, but it is changed to 서랍.

금실 is one of them, too. It was once 금슬. It is still used, but it is less frequently used than 금실.

The original meaning of 금슬 is 거문고 and 비파. They are two traditional string instruments in Korea. Like the harmony of those 2 instruments, 금실 is used to call the closeness and harmony between wife and husband. 잉꼬 부부 has great 금실.

그들은 금실 좋은 부부였다.
They were really close couple.

금실 좋은 부부가 되기 위해서는 잠시 떨어져 있는 것도 중요하다.
It is important to be taken apart for a short time to be a close couple.



When rain falls on a big mountain, some rain goes to left and the other goes the right although they started at the same point. It is a kind of turning point of the lives of rain drops. Thanks to this, the word 분수령 is used for turning point in lives or games.

한국어 공부를 한 3년이 그의 인생에 중요한 분수령이 되었다.
The 3 years when he studied Korean became an important turning point in his life.

올해의 실적이 회사의 미래를 결정하는 분수령이라 할 수 있다.
The result of this year is the turning point that decides the future of the company.