5 Words in Running Man Ep. 249(진쨔루의 블랙리스트, The black list in a Chinese Restaurant) – Learn Korean From Running Man

Another 5 words in Running Man episode.

This episode is about a Chinese Restaurant. The name 진쨔루 is the word play. First of all, it got its name from the phrase, "is it real(진짜로)?" 짜 is changed to 쨔 to sound more like Chinese and 로 is changed to 루, because there are many Chinese Restaurants whose names end with 루.



When someone is overly chatty about something, you can use 너스레. It means talking about some topic a lot.

It is usually used in the form, 너스레를 떨다, meaning being talkative about something.

"평소에 예쁘다는 이야기 자주 들어요"라며 너스레를 떨었다.
She said "I usually hear that I am pretty."

생각지 못한 그의 너스레에 다들 웃을 수밖에 없었다.
Everyone couldn't help laughing thanks to his unexpected talk.



In the screenshot, it is used to mean the best.

Like 철수 and 영희, 갑 and 을 are used to call certain people, or a company. Similar terms in English are John Doe, Jack and Jill, or just A and B, etc.

While 철수 and 영희 are used a lot in textbooks, 갑 and 을 are in legal books or writings. When writing terms, regulations, or contracts, many people use letters 갑 and 을 to call companies or people. For example, 을 supplies 갑, 을 is a member and 갑 is a website, 을 is an employee and 갑 is a company or boss. As you can see, 갑 usually has more power than 을. That's why 갑 got the meaning, the best.

Some 갑s don't use their power correctly. Some of them think they are special and do as they like. It is called 갑의 횡포(tyranny or high-hardness of 갑) or 갑질 in Korean. Both of them are not in the dictionary, but used a lot to tell the badness of the people or companies in high places.

갑이라는 회사와 을이라는 회사가 있다고 하자.
Let's say there are companies called A and B.

역시 음악은 클래식이 갑이야.
Classic is the best music.



When a team or person win games continuously without any loss, it is called 파죽지세 in Korean.

파(破) means to break or destroy. 죽(竹) means bamboo. 지(之) means marker 의. 세(勢) means power. The basic meaning of 파죽지세 is the power of breaking bamboo.

It came from 3 Kingdoms Era in China. After the nation Shu Han founded by Liu Bei was destroyed, the emperor Wu of Jin tried to destroy Eastern Wu. Du Yu was the general in charge. They won the battles and only the capital was left. When they were planning for the attack, a subordinate said the liver became high and it would be possible that the infectious disease would be rampant, so they should retreat now and attack again in winter. Then, Du Yu answered that "the fighting spirit of our army is like the power of breaking bamboo. If we attack on, we will surely win." They really attacked, and won the war and unified China.

From this old story, 파죽지세 got the meaning, sweeping upturn, unstoppable advance, ceaseless winning, etc.

It is also used in the short form, 파죽.

그들은 파죽의 5연승을 달렸다.
They won 5 games in a row.

시청률이 2.5% 상승하며 파죽지세 상승 중이다.
The ratings increased by 2.5% and it is still going up.



When you sweep all the prizes, it is called 석권.

It is used when you are talking about grand slamming something. In the screenshot above, 유재석 and 김준현 ate all foods in a Chinese restaurant. That's why the word 석권 is used here.

이번 대회에서 그들은 모든 상을 석권했다.
In this contest, they swept all prizes.

그녀의 신곡은 전세계 음원 차트를 석권했다.
Her new song grand slammed every music chart in the world.




When something happened really abruptly, it is called 느닷없이 in Korean. It can be also translated as unexpected, out of blue, all of sudden, etc.

Some of you might have wondered what 느닷 is. There is no word like 느닷 in contemporary Korean. It is estimated that 느닷 came from the old Korean meaning reason, cause, so the basic meaning of 느닷없이 is without any reason or sign. From this, the meaning all of sudden is created.

느닷없는 그의 공격에 다들 당황했다.
Everyone was confused because of his sudden attack.

복도 쪽에서 느닷없이 큰 비명 소리가 들렸다.
Near the aisle, there was a sudden and loud scream.