5 Words in Running Man Ep. 248(극과 극, 벌칙 레이스, Penalty Race) – Learn Korean with Running Man

This is the another post about the words in Running Man. 극 here means extreme side. If you fail the mission in the mission, you will get extremely hard penalty(벌칙). When you contrast one extreme side to the other, Koreans use 극과 극 a lot. I hope you enjoy the show and have fun with the words.



It means short trip. It is usually one or two day excursion.

This word came from the 2 verbs, 나가다(go out) and 들어오다(come in). To have a trip, you should go out and come back. That's why it is called 나들이.

When you go on a trip to a faraway place, you should pass some interchanges. When I was young, it was only called 인터체인지. However, many people use the word, 나들목. As you move in and out in interchanges, it got 나들 in its name.

휴일 놀이공원은 나들이 온 사람들로 인해 무척 붐볐다.
On holiday, the amusement park was crowded because of many people who came there for a trip.

나들이 갈만한 곳을 인터넷으로 찾아 보는 중이다.
I am finding the good place for the trip on the Internet.



It is originally geeky word. It means optimization. If the developers optimized program well, then it works well on old computers. To do that, you should understand the circumstance well and take advantage from it.

If a person is optimized for something, then he is really good at that thing. I don’t know when Koreans started to use this word to people.

If you visit computer sites in Korea, you may find the word like 롤에 최적화 된 컴퓨터(PC optimized for LOL(League of Legends).

이 게임은 최적화가 잘 되어 있다.
This game is well optimized.

로맨틱 코미디에 최적화된 배우들만 모았다.
We gathered good actors optimized for romantic comedy.



When you are working with someone, they don't tell you everything. Sometimes, you can feel that they are hiding something bad. It is called 꿍꿍이 in Korean.

When you are curious about the plot in others' mind, you can directly ask, "무슨 꿍꿍이지요?" However, you cannot be sure that he or she will answer you correctly.

도대체 무슨 꿍꿍이가 있길래 저러는 걸까?
Why is she doing like that? What is up her sleeves?

그의 꿍꿍이가 결국 드러났다.
His plot finally came out.



It is a combined word of 어마어마(awesome, magnificent) + 무시무시(terrible, horrible).

Do you know the meaning of awe? If you find a dictionary, it says like this:

If you are awed by someone or something, they make you feel respectful and amazed, though often rather frightened.

There is a word, frightened. In awe, there is some kind of fear in it. You can think 어마무시 as similar thing. If something is too good, then you feel a sort of fear. That's why 어마어마 and 무시무시 are combined.

It is not in dictionaries. It is an Internet word, and it is used in TV shows these days.

어마무시한 실력을 자랑한다.
He is famous for awesome ability.

영업 실적이 어마무시했다.
Her business showings were awesome.



I first thought that this word was in the dictionary, but it was not. As there is a 소인배(person who is petty and crafty) in dictionaries, I thought its antonym 대인배 should be in the dictionaries, and I learned that the antonym of 소인배 was 군자.

Although it is not in dictionaries, it is used a lot in real life to call generous or noble people.

그런 비난에도 화내지 않는 것을 보면 그는 진정 대인배이다.
He is a really generous person as we see he doesn't show any anger to the criticism like that.

대인배라 불릴만한 사람은 아니다.
She shouldn't be called generous.