5 Words in Running Man Ep. 247(해피 광수 데이, Happy Gwangsoo Day) – Learn Korean with Running Man

It was really interesting episode. I hope you have fun with it and learn some words, too.



After you ran a long distance, you pant and puff. 헐레벌떡 is used to describe your rough breath after running or physically hard work. As you run when you are in a hurry, sometimes it is used to depict someone in hurry.

영수는 집으로 헐레벌떡 들어왔다.
영수 came back home in a hurry.

무슨 일이 있는가 싶어 헐레벌떡 방으로 들어왔다.
I thought something happened and came back into the room in a hurry.



When you move to a new house, you usually do housewarming. It is called 집들이 in Korean. It seems that it came from the word, 집(house), 들 from 들어 오다(come), 이(making a noun/nominalize).

In Korea, most famous presents for housewarming are 화장지(tissue), 세제(detergent), etc. Although they are popular, it doesn't mean that you should give only that. You can also be creative.

Traditionally, many Koreans who moved share rice cakes with their neighbors. However, it seems that they don't do this much these days.

집들이 선물로는 뭐가 좋을까?
What should be a good present for housewarming?

이사하고 집들이 하느라 정신이 없었다.
Thanks to moving and housewarming, I was really busy.

어안이 벙벙하다


When something really unexpected happens, you become speechless and look blank. 어안이 벙벙하다 is used to describe that situation.

어안 means the inside of mouse when you are so startled that you cannot say anything. It is rarely used alone. You can see them in expressions like 어안이 벙벙하다 or 어안이 막히다(I've seen it in a dictionary, but I've never seen that in my entire life. It's safe to say that you can use the word, 어안, only with 어안이 벙벙하다).

갑자기 친구들이 들어오자 그는 어안이 벙벙했다.
As his friends suddenly came in, he was so startled that he became speechless.

예상치 못한 결과에 어안이 벙벙해 있던 용화는 또 놀랄 수밖에 없었다.
용화 who became speechless because of the unexpected result, couldn't help being startled again



When some parties, shows, conferences were visited by many people, it is a success. It is also called 성황리 in Korean.

Although there is a place name 성황리 in Korea, it has nothing to do with that.

전국 노래 자랑 인천 편 촬영을 성황리에 마쳤다.
The Incheon episode of 전국 노래 자랑 was ended with praises.

전국 노래 자랑 is a TV show name in Korea.

2018 평창 동계 올림픽도 성황리에 개최되기를 기원한다.
We hope that 평창 Winter Olympics will be held with praises.



When you did what you have planned or wanted, you become really proud of yourself. 의기양양 is the word for that triumphant, proud, exultant feeling.

의(意) means meaning or thought. 기(氣) means energy or atmosphere. 양(揚) means throw. It means your thought is thrown into the atmosphere, so everyone can feel your power or success.

그는 경기에서 승리하고 의기양양하게 집으로 돌아왔다.
After winning the game, he came back home triumphantly.

그녀는 마지막 대결에서 승리한 후 의기양양하게 웃었다.
After winning the final match, she laughed triumphantly.

광수의, 광수를 위한, 광수에 의한


This phrase came from the translated version of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

The government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not vanish from the earth.
국민의, 국민에 의한, 국민을 위한 정부는 이 땅에서 결코 사라지지 않을 것입니다.

of the people, by the people, for the people is translated as 국민의, 국민에 의한, 국민을 위한. RM Producers changed 국민 to 광수 to show how 광수 is important in this episode.

For some reason, they reversed 를 위한(for) and 에 의한(by).