5 Words in Running Man Ep. 245(어린이날 사수대작전, The Toy Race) – Learn Korean with Running Man

Again, I researched 5 Words in Running Man Episode 245. The Korean Title is 어린이날 사수 대작전. 어린이날 is Children's Day and 사수 is defense and 대작전 is grand operation. Members and guests try their best to defend the Children's Day. You can check out how they defended in the show.

기대 만발


When you are expecting something a lot, it is sometimes called full of expectation in English. 기대 만발 is used when you try to say this. 기대 means expectation and the original meaning of 만발 is full bloom of flowers or describes the wide open pedals of flowers. From this meaning, 만발 got meaning a lot of things like laughter or guess happen at the same time.

Because of the first meaning, 만발 is used a lot with cherry blossom(벚꽃) like 벚꽃이 만발한 이 거리(the street with full of cherry blossom).

In Running Man, RM team members are always full of expectation at the beginning of the show. That’s why this expression is used a lot in the beginning.

오늘의 게스트에 대해 다들 기대 만발이었다.
Everyone was full of expectation about the guests.

기대 만발하며 기다린 영화가 겨우 이것밖에 안 되냐며 수많은 사람들이 분노했다.
So many people were mad about the movie because the movie could be much worse than imagined and they waited with full of expectation.



If someone is famous for something, there is always a reason. 명불허전 is used when the fame or great name given to someone or something is not vain.

명(名) means name and 불(不) means not. 허(虛) means empty and 전(傳) means spread. The basic meaning of 명불허전 is the (famous) name(명) is not(불) spread(전) for nothing(허). In other words, what I heard is quite true or everything famous has its own reason.

This came from the old story in 사기(Records of the Grand Historian). There was a person called 맹상군 in old China. He was famous for treating guests. His service was so good. One day, a guest thought that 맹상군 was selfish and ate something great by himself. 맹상군 showed the guest the table he had eaten. The guest became so embarrassed that he committed suicide. Because of this great service, everyone thought that he or she is close to him. In addition, many geniuses in every field gathered around him. It is written in 사기 that it is widely known in the world that 맹장군 loved the guests and it was his pleasure, the name was not falsely given. 명불허전 came from this part, “the name was not falsely given.”

미궁 없는 명탐정이라는 그의 별명은 역시 명불허전이었다.
His nickname, great detective without any labyrinth, was not vain.

이곳의 불고기는 명불허전의 맛을 자랑했다.
The fame of taste of 불고기 in this restaurant was not false.



When something terrible or shocking happens, you become blank. It is called 망연자실 in Korean. In Running Man series, you can see this word often when something extraordinary happens.

망(茫) mean wide and far, 연(然) means the way it is. 자(自) means self and 실(失) means loss. The basic meaning of 망연자실 is to be in wide and far away area with lost self. In other words, you are in a numb state and you don’t know what you should do now.

그녀의 결혼 소식을 들을 후, 그는 망연자실해 하며 창밖만 바라보고 있었다.
After hearing the news about her marriage, he went blank and watched outside window all along.

언제까지 망연자실하며 지낼 수만은 없어. 다시 시작해 봐야지.
I cannot live like this now forever. I should start again.



The first meaning of 앙금 is the sediment or dreg at the bottom of water. They are usually dirty. What if something like that is left in your heart? This is the second meaning of 앙금. This unclean, dirty, somewhat frustrating feeling inside your heart is called 앙금. Let’s say you were betrayed by your best friend, and you always have anger inside you to revenge it. Some feeling like that is 앙금. It is usually used in negative sense. Good feelings are not called 앙금.

In Running Man series, betrayal happens really often. The word, 앙금, appears a lot after those betrayals.

아무 일도 아닌 것처럼 웃고 있지만 아까 있었던 일에 대한 앙금이 아직도 남아 있는 것 같다.
She’s now smiling as if nothing happened, but it seems that she is still mad about it.

그 손해에 대한 것은 네 마음 속에 앙금으로 담아 두고 있어 봐야 좋을 것 없어.
About the loss, it is not good for you to have that as sad memory in your mind.



긴가민가 is used when you are not sure whether it is correct or not. It sounds like 사자성어, but it is not. It is said that it came from 한자성어, 기연가미연가. Like 서랍(drawer) which was once 설합, it is a word from 한자어 which became 순우리말(pure Korean word).

긴가민가한 우리말 문법 30가지를 정리했다.
I summarized the 30 confusing Korean grammar.

너 김예선 맞지? 긴가민가해서 그냥 갈까 했는데 물어보길 잘 했다.
Aren’t you 김예선? I was not sure, so I just wanted to leave. It was good to ask you.