5 Words in Running Man Ep. 244 – Learn Korean with Running Man

I listed 5 words which appeared on Ep. 244 of Running Man(위험한 신부들, Dangerous Brides). I hope you enjoy the show and the words.



과다 means excessive or superabundant. It is used when there is too much of something. It is usually used to describe actions like 복용(eating drug), 몰입(immersion), 섭취(eating), 조회(watching, reading), etc.

연습일 뿐인데 너무 과다 몰입한 것 같다.
It is only a practice, but he is too immersed.

영양제를 과다 복용하면 건강을 해칠 수 있다.
If you eat too much nutritional supplement, it can harm your health.



When you do something against your will, it is called doing something reluctantly in English. It is called 마지못해 in Korean.

Similar words to 마지못해 are 주저하며, 꺼리며.

그녀는 가고 싶지 않았지만 마지못해 가겠다고 이야기했다.
She didn’t want to go, but she said yes reluctantly.

마지못해 하는 것이라면 안 하는 것이 나아. 하지마.
If you do it reluctantly, it is better not to do that. Don’t do it.



인정사정(人情事情) means 인정 and 사정. 인정(人情) is not 인정(認定) meaning approve. As you can see, their hanjas are different. It means sympathy. 사정 means reason, story behind the case. If you tell the true story to someone else, it becomes pleading or begging. That’s why 사정하다 means pleading.

인정사정 is usually used like 인정사정 봐 주다(take pleading into account), 인정사정도 없다(he or she doesn’t show any mercy), etc.

오늘 인정사정 안 봐 준다.
We won’t show any mercy today.

인정사정 다 봐 주다 보면 끝이 없어. 원칙대로 해야 해.
If you care for their every problem, it’s just endless. You should follow the principle.

어깨 너머로


The basic meaning of 어깨 너머 is over the shoulder and it is usually used when you learn something by watching. When someone doesn’t teach you what to do, you can only learn it by watching it. When you watch what someone else is doing, you usually watch it over the shoulder. That’s why 어깨너머로 배우다 got “learn something by watching.”

10분 정도의 시간이 어깨 너머로 뭔가 배우기에는 그리 긴 시간이 아닌데, 잘 해냈다.
10 minutes are not long to learn something by watching, but you did well.

아무도 가르쳐 주지 않아서 어깨 너머로 배울 수밖에 없었다.
No one taught me, so I had to learn it by watching.

There is a different between 너머 and 넘어.

빛을 발하다.


빛을 발하다 means shine. In figurative sense, it is used when the true value of something is realized or shown.

그냥 재미삼아 공부해 두었던 서체에 대한 지식이 빛을 발한 순간이었다.
That was the moment that my knowledge about calligraphy shined which I learned for fun.

지금은 별 볼 일 없어 보이는 기술이지만 언젠가 반드시 빛을 발할 날이 올 거야.
This technology looks shabby now, but it will shine some day.