5 Words in Running Man Ep. 243(Old Places of Popular Stars, 대세남의 그때그곳) – Learn Korean with Running Man

In Episode 243 of Running Man, the team and the guests visited the places that they have impressive memories. I hope you have fun with the show and the words.



When something is neat and tidy, it is called 말끔하다 in Korean. Some of you might have thought of the word, 깔끔하다. Both of them are synonyms and you can use them interchangeably in almost all cases.

말끔하다 is used like 수염 없이 말끔한 사진(the picture that contains the bearless and neat face), 말끔한 모습(neat figure), 말끔한 외모(neat face/look), etc.

양복은 아니었지만 말끔하게 차려 입고 나왔다.
It was not a suit, but he came out in decent clothes.

말끔하게 칠해진 벽을 보며 많은 준비를 했다는 사실을 알 수 있었다.
I could see the sincere preparation as I saw the newly painted wall.



When someone is modest, quiet, gentle and well-behaved, it is called 다소곳하다 in Korean. Traditionally, being modest and quiet is a virtue of women, the word is used a lot with women, but it can be also used to a man if he is quiet.

In subtitles of Running Man, it is usually used without 하다 because of the space.

다소곳하다 is used like 다소곳한 자세, 다소곳한 태도(gentle attitude), 다소곳한 포즈(modest pose), etc.

다소곳하게 고개를 숙이고 있던 나인이가 놀라서 현석이를 쳐다보았다.
Nain, who was lowering her head modestly, was startled and watched Hyeonseok.

그녀는 항상 다소곳한 모습을 보였다.
She always showed modest attitude.



When more than 2 people argue for something, it is called 옥신각신. When you 옥신각신, you say something aloud to make others do what you say or believe you.

Before I researched the word, 옥신각신 for this post, I thought that 옥신각신 was 사자성어, but it was not. It is 순우리말(pure Korean), there was no single 한자 in it.

그만 좀 싸워. 언제까지 너희가 옥신각신하는 모습을 봐야 하는 건데?
Stop fighting. Until when should I see you two argue?

그녀와 긴 시간 옥신각신 다투었지만 아무 것도 얻은 것이 없다.
I argued with her for a long time but I got nothing from that.



Do you finish what you have to do early or late? If you do that early, then 일찌감치 is the word for you. When you finish or do some work early, it is called 일찌감치.

You may heard of the word, 일찍 for early, you can think of 일찌감치 as a synonym of 일찍.

Although 일찌감치 is 4 characters, it is not a 사자성어. It is 순우리말.

성적에 도움이 안 되는 것들은 일찌감치 포기했어야 하는데, 그러지 못했다.
I had to give up things early that are not helpful for my grades, but I couldn't.

그가 그만 둘 것을 그녀는 일찌감치 알아 챘고 헤어지는 날을 위해 선물을 준비했다.
She knew early that he would give up soon and prepared the present for the farewell.



Accidents happen without a warning. 졸지에 is the word to describe this property of accidents. It means suddenly, all of sudden, overnight.

It is a synonym of 갑자기.

갑자기 부도가 나 버려서 졸지에 거지가 되어 버렸다.
I suddenly became broke because the company bankrupt.

갑작스러운 교통사고로 그 아이는 졸지에 고아가 되어 버렸다.
Due to the unexpected car crash, the kid became an orphan overnight.