5 Words in Running Man 334(Member’s Week II: Marrying Jong Kook Off)

장가 / 시집


These 2 words are a bit traditional words for marriage. For male, 장가 가다 or 장가 들다 is used. For female, 시집 가다 is used. As you can see, you can find the words, "가다" in both phrases. These two phrases came from Korean culture.

장가 means wife's parents' house. In ancient Korea, when a man marries a woman, he move to his wife's house and worked for them until they have their first child. That's why "going to wife's parents' house" got the meaning, marriage for males.

Similar thing happened with 시집. 시집 means husband's parents' house. Like in 장가 가다, when a woman marries a man, she should leave her house and live with her husband's family. That's why "going to husband's parents' house" got the meaning, marriage for females.

언제 장가 가나 했더니 벌써 갔어?
I wondered when you will get married, but you already did?

시집 가기 전에 여행 한 번 가 보려고.
Before getting married, I want to go travel a bit.

It's a bit old fashioned. These days, 결혼하다 is more frequently used.

형수님 / 제수씨


It's 2 of the many words for sister-in-law. In Korean, in-law words are disatrously hard. These are the words for sisters-in-law.

If you are male:

  • Your 형's wife: 형수님
  • Your 남동생's wife: 제수씨
    Your wife's 언니: 처형
    Your wife's 여동생: 처제

If you are female:
Your 오빠's wife: 올케 언니, 새언니
Your 남동생's wife: 올케
Your husband's 누나: 형님
Your husband's 여동생: 아가씨
When you are talking about them, you can also use the word, 시누 or 시누이.
Your husband's 형's wife: 형님
Your husband's 남동생's wife: 동서
When you are talking about them, you can also use the word, 동서

There are 10 words for them. There is a word for every possible combination. This is really hard for even native Koreans. They ask how to call family members in Naver 지식인.

Interestingly, you don't have to know all of these words if you marry a Korean man or woman. By your gender, almost half of the words are gone and if your husband doesn't have 형, then you won't use the word 형수 much.

In this episode, 종국 did a blind date, and the members had to call her. 석진 and 재석 who are older than 종국 called her 제수씨, and 광수 and 하하 who are younger than 종국 used the word, 형수님.



It's the shortened word for 강제 퇴장, forced out of some place. It became widely used after the Internet chatting became common. In a chat room, when a person does something rude or bad, the owner of the room(방장) kicks him or her out. That's 강퇴. It's usually used in the Internet world.

준비 조금 늦게 눌렀다고 강퇴 당해 버렸다.
I was kicked out because I pressed ready a little bit late.

저 님 강퇴해요.
Please kick him out.