5 and some more words in Running Man Ep. 257(4대 최강자전, The battle of Heroes) – Learn Korean with Running Man



When someone is really good at something, she gets some nicknames like "no. 1" or "incredible," etc. 명실상부 is used when those nicknames are worthy for the people. 명 means name, 실 means reality. 상 means each other and 부 means match. In short, it means name and reality match each other, or worthy of name.

메시 in our screenshot is the soccer player, Messi, in FC Barcelona. If you are interested in soccer, you know that he is really amazing at soccer. Because of that, some Koreans are called __의 메시 when they are one of the bests in one field.

그는 명실상부 대한민국 최고의 프로게이머이다.
His fame as the best pro-gamer in Korea is not a lie.

그녀는 명실상부 한류 1등 공신이다.
It is not deniable to say that she is the first-class contributor of Korean Wave.



Korean has many mimetic word. 송글송글 is one of them. When you are sweating a lot, your sweat becomes like beads. 송글송글 is used to describe this situation.

많이 긴장했는지 이마에 땀이 송글송글 맺혀 있었다.
There was a lot of sweat on his forehead. It seems that he is really nervous.

송글송글 맺힌 땀을 닦아내며 다음 작전을 준비했다.
They planned their next operation while sweeping their sweat.



When something is really small and cute, it is also called 앙증맞다. It is usually interchangeable with the word, 귀엽다.

Although it is used like 앙증 음성 in our screenshot, it is usually used in the form, 앙증맞다 when you are talking.

그렇게 앙증맞게 생긴 물건을 네가 가지고 있을 줄은 몰랐어.
I didn't even think that you might have that such a cute thing.

그런 앙증 맞은 행동은 너랑 어울리지 않아!
Such a cute action doesn't suit you.



When you are moving fast because you are late for something, 허둥지둥 is the word for it. It is used to describe a person who is really busy for something and moving fast here and there.

초등학교 시절 존경하던 선생님께서 감자기 오신다고 하셔서 허둥지둥 달려나갔다.
I went out fast, because the teacher I admired when I was in elementary school is coming.

허둥지둥 할 필요 없어. 시간은 많거든.
You don't need to act busy. We have a lot of time.



When something happens so abruptly, you might feel confused. 어리둥절 is the word for this.

In Running Man series, there are so many unexpected situations. In those circumstances, The word 어리둥절 is used to explain the mind of people.

갑작스런 상황에 어리둥절 하다 보니 상황이 종료되었다.
Due to the abrupt situation, I was confused for a while and the situation was ended.

어리둥절 하고 있을 시간 없어. 빨리 와.
There is no time for confusing. Come here. Fast!

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순신간에 here is the typo of 순식간에 meaning really fast or in a short period of time. It seems like a typo, but it also looks like it is intended because 홍진호 made a lot of typos in this scene.