5 and More Words in Running Man Ep. 262(기사식당 원정대, Taxi Drivers’ Favorite Restaurant Expedition) – Learn Korean with Running Man



Sometimes, someone tell you something or move to you so abruptly. They didn't give you any sense of notice. It is 다짜고짜 in Korean.

In Running Man, many missions usually happens without any notice. That's why 다짜고짜 is easy to see in Running Man.

그렇게 다짜고짜 달려들면 어떡해요?
I cannot do anything if you run into me without warning like that.

다짜고짜 이야기부터 하지 말고, 우선 내 말부터 들어 봐.
Don't say without any warning. Hear me first.



Some people categorize people like this, people who should be here, people who don't matter to be here, people who should not be here. Each is translated like 반드시 있어야 할 사람, 있으나 마나 한 사람, 없어야 하는 사람.

When "people who should be here" aren't near us, we are in trouble. Then, we feel their non-existence and miss them. It is called 존재감이 있다 in Korean. 존재 in 존재감 means existence and 감(感) is 느낄 감, meaning to feel something.

It is usually used like 존재감이 있다/없다.

One of the common phrase with 존재감 is 미친 존재감. As 미친 means crazy, it seems that it will be used for bad situation, but it is not. 미친 존재감 is used when someone is really really important.

아무도 내가 사라졌다는 사실을 모르더라고. 내 존재감이 그 정도였어.
No one knew that I was disappeared. No one felt my existence.

그는 90분 내내 경기를 지배하며 존재감을 뽐냈다.
He dominated the match in whole 90 minutes and boasted his existence.



When someone is not good at finding road. It is called 길치 in Korean.

치 here means foolish. I think that it came from 백치, meaning fool. It is not used a lot these days. It is only used as 백치미 with some people. It means they are attractive because they look dull.

내가 길치라서 가끔은 바로 옆에 있는 것도 못 찾아 가는 경우가 있어.
As I cannot find ways, sometimes I cannot go into the place right next to me.

길치라서 한 번은 죽을 뻔했다.
As I am not good at finding ways, I was almost dead because of that.

박치 has bad sense of rhythm. He or she sang with some odd tempos.
음치 is not good at singing. They don't know the difference between the sounds. They try to sing the same, but they are painfully different.
기계치s are the enemies of machines. Almost every normal machine goes out of order when 기계치s handle them.

Unlike other words, if you are not good at computers, it is called 컴맹 in Korean. This word came from the word, 문맹, illiterate.



이래봬도 is shortened form of 이렇게 보여도, meaning "I look like this."

This is used when you are unexpectedly good at something. For example, you met an English teacher. You cannot imagine she is good at fine arts. When you are amazed at her art skill, she might tell you, "이래봬도, 내가 한 때 그림 공부 좀 했었어." (I don't look like this, but I studied fine arts a lot.)

이래봬도 내가 전국에서 1등했던 사람이야.
In spite of my appearance, I was once in the first place nationwide.

이래봬도 내가 한 때 중소기업 사장이었어.
No matter what I look like to you, I once was a boss in a small company.



When a product is sold well, or a movie is going well, it is called 절찬리에 팔리다 or 절찬리에 상영 중이다 in Korean.

절 basically means to cut down, but it is sometimes used for great or extremely, 찬 means to praise, 리 means inside. 절찬리 means in the great praise.

When some product is sold well, it is praised by many people. That's why 절찬리 is used with the products that fly off the shelves.

지금 전국 서점에서 절찬리에 판매 중입니다.
No. 1 bestseller in bookstores nationwide.

전 세계에서 절찬리에 상영 중입니다.
Best movie worldwide.

More Words

1. 주체 vs. 지체


주체하다 is controlling something. When some works are flowing to your inbox, then you are overwhelmed with works. Then, you might say, 일을 주체할 수 없다.

지체하다 is waiting or hesitating.

Because of that, the word 주체 in the screenshot should be 지체, not 주체. Because you should leave for restaurants without any hesitation. It means odd if it is controlling or overwhelming.

2. 13남매 중 장녀


13남매 means 13 children from a single parents. 남매 means sons and daughters, 형제 means only sons, 자매 means only sisters.

You might have thought that 13 is typo, but it is true. She really has 8 younger brothers and 4 younger sisters. Because of this abnormally many siblings, when her 12th younger sibling was born, it became a news.

장녀 means the firstborn daughter. 장남 means the firstborn son.

3. 인정사정


인정 means sympathy and 사정 means reason. 인정사정 없이 means without any mercy. You can read more about the expression from the link.

4. 어안이 벙벙


When you became speechless for something, it is 어안이 벙벙하다 in Korean.

5. 시종일관


Constant from the beginning to end. You can read more about this in the link.