5 and More Words in Running Man Ep. 260(백만장자, Millionaire) – Learn Korean with Running Man



Sometimes we get some unexpected money or prize. It is called 횡재 in Korean.

It is good to get them, but we should be sure that it is really unexpected. You might have realized that the careless use of money can lead to some hardships.

I used unexpected money for 횡재, but it is sometimes translated as windfall.

이게 웬 횡재냐 싶었는데 별 거 없었다.
I firstly thought that it was a windfall, but there was nothing special.

주머니에 돈이 있길래 횡재한 줄 알았는데, 아내가 내게 세금 내라고 준 돈이었다.
As there was some money in my pocket, I thought it to be a windfall, but it was the money for tax that my wife gave it to me.



I heard that it is not common in other countries, but in Korea, many people sing along the song with the singer. Although some singers hate this, many singers are impressed by this.

This word came from the 2 words, 떼 and 창. 떼 means the group of something. 양 떼 means a herd of sheep, 물고기 떼 means a school of fish, 사자 떼 means a pride of lions. In this case, 떼 means group of people. 창(唱) is the word for singing. By combining them, 떼창 means singing along with the singer or group singing or community singing.

외국 가수들이 한국에 공연 와서 놀라는 것 중 하나가 떼창이라고 한다.
One thing that foreign singers are impressed when they do concerts in Korea is group singing.

여자 노래를 남자들 수천 명이 떼창하니까 이상하더라.
It sounded odd when a few thousands of man sang a female singer's song.

오리발을 내밀다


When someone pretends to be innocent, it is called 오리발을 내밀다 in Korean.

It is shortened form of saying in Korean, 닭 잡아 먹고 오리발을 내민다. The word by word translation of this saying is "giving out the feet of duck after eating chicken." As the feet of chicken and duck are similar, they try to hide what they did and try to be innocent.

The expression became shorter and these days, it is just OK to say 오리발 to mean "playing innocent."

It is interchangeable with 시치미를 떼다.

오리발 내밀지 말고 사실대로 말 해. 다 알고 있으니까.
Stop playing innocent and tell us the truth. We all know it.

그렇게 오리발 내밀 것을 예상하고 있었어.
I expected that they will play innocent like this.

For your information, 오리발 is used to call flippers when you scuba dive. It is also called as 물갈퀴.

바가지를 쓰다


When you paid something unnecessary because of fraud, it is called 바가지를 쓰다.

바가지 means a large bowl. The word by word translation of 바가지를 쓰다 is put on a large bowl on your head.

It is uncertain why wearing a bowl becoming some people say that it came from the gambling in Japan. This gamble was done with bowls and you can easily lose your money with this gamble.

However, some people oppose this opinion because it is hard to believe that widely used expression like this is imported from some weird foreign game. They guess that it came from water bowl(물바가지). When you wear water bowl upside down. You are wet from head to feet. It feels really bad. They think that it came from this undesirable situation.

싸다고 해서 믿고 샀는데, 완전 바가지 썼네.
I am completely deceived. I bought it because I believed when he said it is cheap right now.

외국인들한테 바가지 씌우는 이상한 사람들이 있어.
There are some weird people deceiving foreign people.



When someone says something with confidence, it is called 호언장담. It is usually used in negative sense because it implies that the people say it without any proof.

호(豪) means hero, 언(言) means to talk. 장(壯) means great or admirable. 담(談) means to talk. The basic meaning of 호언장담 is heroic and great talk.

내가 호언장담하는데, 그 아이는 절대 범인이 아니야.
I can say it with confidence. That kid is not a culprit.

호언장담하지마. 진실은 아무도 몰라.
Don't say it confidently. No one knows the truth.

More Word

1. 길보드 차트


길보드 차트 came from the word, billboard chart, the chart of famous songs. The 길 in 길보드 means the road. As many songs were sold on roads before, the songs famous in the roads were called 길보드 차트. The handcarts used in the following pictures are called 리어카. It came from rear car and a Konglish word.

2015-08-27-10_19_29-OneNote.png $) ($ 2015-08-27-10_19_31-OneNote.png ($ 2015-08-27-10_19_31-OneNote.png )

2. 기대 만발


When you are expecting a lot, you can use the word, 기대 만발.

3. CM


CM came from the word, commercial message. In Korea, CM is only used for CM송 meaning the songs in ads.

If you want to know similar word, CF, Commercial Film, visit this link.

4. 팔방미인


You might have heard of the phrase, Jack of all trades, but the master of none.

팔방미인 is similar word, but there is a huge difference. Jack is the mast of none, but 팔방미인 is master of all.

5. 명불허전


명불허전 means "the name was not falsely given", "everything has its reasons."

6. 울화통


울화통 is used when you explode because of anger.