5 and More Words in Running Man ep. 259(여배우 캐스팅 서바이벌, Actress Casting Survival)



It is really rare, but there are some good-for-nothing stuffs. It is called 무용지물 in Korean.

무(無) means non-existence. 용(用) means use. 지 means "of", but it is a bit different. A of B is B之A in 한자. 물 means things or stuffs. 무용지물 means things that have no use or good-for-nothing stuff.

열심히 준비했는데 전부 무용지물이 되었다.
We prepared it hard but all of them became good for nothing.

지금까지의 노력을 무용지물로 만들지 않기 위해서라도 열심히 해야겠다.
Not to make our efforts till now useless, we should try our best.



When someone moves in big strides, it is called 성큼. By using 성큼 twice, it emphasizes that he or she moves in that stride.

It is sometimes used in figurative sense, too. It means something is already here.

성큼성큼 다가오는 그의 손길을 뿌리칠 수 없었다.
I couldn't shake off his while he was walking fast to me.

멀게만 느껴졌던 2015년이 성큼 다가온 것이 어제 같은데 벌써 반 이상이 지나 버렸다.
It feels like yesterday when it became 2015 which seemed far away, but more than the half of the year is already gone.



Some people accuse others when they did something wrong. It is called 적반하장 in Korean. Many Running Man members do this when something went wrong.

적 means a thief, 반 basically means opposition and it is on the contrary in this word. 하 means scold and 장 means a stick or rod. The word by word translation of 적반하장 is the thief scolds with stick on the contrary (when he should be scolded.)

어디서 적반하장이야? 잘못은 네가 다 해 놓고!
Why are you accusing me? You did all the wrong!

북한은 항상 사고를 치고 난 후 적반하장이다.
Whenever North Korea made a trouble, they are accusing South Korea.



It means the right man for the position. 적 is the same 적 in 적당하다(proper, appropriate), 임 is the same in 임무(mission or job) and 자 means person. So it means proper person for the job or mission.

철수가 이 일의 적임자야.
철수 is the right person for the work.

적임자라고 해서 믿었는데 완전 초보였네?
I believed him because he is said to be an expert, but he was a novice.



선두 means the first place. It is used a lot in games when someone is in the first place.

우리가 아직 선두이긴 한데, 2등과 차이가 그렇게 많지 않아.
We are still in our first place, but the gap between us and the second is not that high.

선두는 하는 것보다 지키는 것이 더 어려워.
Constantly in the first is harder than becoming the first.

More Words

1. 팔색조


When someone has various styles and appeals, it is called 팔색조 매력 in Korean. 팔색조 here is a kind of a bird. It is almost extinct in Korea, but recently, their new habitat is found. You can see how they look in this link. They have various colors and are pretty.

2. 금시초문


When something is news to you, you can use the word, 금시초문.

3. 긴가민가


When you are not sure for something, you can use the word, 긴가민가. I once explained it before.(It is the fifth word in the link!)

4. 왠지


I covered the difference between 왠 and 웬 before. It is 왠 in 왠지, because it is the short form of 왜인지.

5. 쪽대본


대본 is transcript of movie or TV series. 쪽 here means partial. I heard that it is not common in other countries, but it is common for Korean TV series. As first few episodes are made in advance and they make more than half after the first episode is on air. When they are making the series, sadly, the transcript is also on the progress. So, only partial transcripts are given to actors.

Because of this, when the series comes to the end, they make 2 episodes just before on air, because there is no saved episodes. It is called 생방송을 달린다.

쪽대본 and 생방송 달리기 are said to be the chronic problems of Korean TV series.

6. 일사천리


When something is happening fast after the beginning, it is called 일사천리. You can learn more by the link.