5 and More Words in Running Man ep. 258(신분 찾기: 경찰 vs 마피아, Finding Identity: Police vs. Mafia) – Learn Korean with Running Man



어부지리 is used when the benefit went to someone else because of the fight between others.

It came from this old story. In Spring and Autumn Period of China, a high-place officer of Yan Dynasty offered the amicability and used this analogy.

When a fisherman went to work, he found that a bird tried to eat the seashell, and attacked it. The seashell closed itself to protect and the bird could not move. Thanks to their fight, the fisherman could get both of them.

He used this analogy because it was meaningless to fight now and it will give the benefit to the nearby country.

완전 어부지리네. 네가 한 게 뭐가 있어?
It was an effortless win. You didn’t do anything.

우승을 하긴 했지만, 우리가 잘해서 한 것이 아니라서 왠지 어부지리같다.
We won the game, but it was not because we are good at it. It looks like an effortless win.

There is a word like tertius gaudens in English to describe this situation. When I googled it, there were less than 5000 results. So I translated it as effortless win.



I don't know where this word came from, but it seems that it came from the words, 색깔(Color) and 맞춤(Coordination).

When you wear something with the same or similar color, it is 깔맞춤.

가방이랑 옷이랑 완전 깔맞춤했네.
The backpack and clothes are harmonious in color.

깔맞춤해서 입고 싶었는데 적절한 옷이 없더라고.
I wanted the same color but I couldn't find the appropriate one.



도찐개찐 is the wrong word for 도긴개긴.

This word came from the traditional board game in Korea, 윷놀이. When you play 윷놀이, you through 4 sticks(윷) and the fronts and backs of those sticks(윷) decide your move. These moves are from 1 to 5 spaces and each are called 도, 개, 걸, 윷, 모.

도 and 개 in 도긴개긴 are these 도 and 개. As they are only 1 and 2 space forward, it is usually more useless than 걸, 윷, 모. 긴 here means the distance between the pieces in 윷놀이.

If it is only one space or 2 space, it usually means nothing to the player. So, the word 도긴개긴 was made from that. It means "just same" or "no difference."

30점이나 50점이나 도긴개긴이지.
30 points or 50 points. They are all the same.

함부로 도긴개긴이라고 하지 마. 난 진지하니까.
Don't say that it's just same. I am serious.

Before June 15th, 2015, only 도 긴 개 긴 was correct and 도긴개긴 was wrong. You had to add the space between them. It is changed now. However, 도찐개찐 is still not a standard although it seems that 도찐개찐 version is more popular than 도긴개긴.



귀요미 came from the word 귀엽다, cute. It is used to call cute people or animal.

그 애는 귀요미라는 별명을 별로 안 좋아하더라.
That kid doesn't like the nickname, cutie.

항상 강하기만 한 사람인 것 같았는데, 의외로 귀요미같은 모습도 있었다.
I always thought that she was always strong, but she has an unexpected cute side.

Originally, it was an offensive word to call someone who are trying to be cute. But it lost its offensiveness and became a cutie.



There are many ups and downs in our lives. 우여곡절 is the word for those hardships.

우 means twist and 여 means the rest. 곡 means twist and 절 means to bend. It means "twisted and the rest is twisted again and bended." You can feel the hardship.

우여곡절 끝에 목적지에 도착했다.
After many twists and turns, we arrived our destination.

그 프로그램을 만드는 데에는 우여곡절이 참 많았다.
There were many twists and turns when we were making that software.

Some Police Words


Handcuff: 수갑
Nightstick: 경찰봉 – That is the stick 하하 is holding in the photo
Arrest: 체포