4 Words in Running Man Ep. 275(라이벌 빅 매치, Rival Big Match) – Learn Korean from Running Man

어이 상실


When something is too preposterous, we are dumbfounded. It is called 어이없다 in Korean.

This came from millstone. The handle of millstone was called 어이 or 어처구니. When you were trying to grind some grain with millstone, but there is no handle in it. You might feel ridiculous. 어이 없다 or 어처구니 없다 came from this situation.

상실 is synonym of 없다, non-exist. Because of that, some people exchange 없다 with 상실. It is informal use of 어이없다. It is usually used in Internet posts.

갑작스런 역전패에 어이 상실한 표정을 짓고 있었다.
Because of the unexpected loss by turning around of game, they all had dumbfounded faces.

완전 어이 상실이네. 아까까지만 해도 했던 것이 왜 없어?
It's too preposterous. Why isn't that here which was here a little moment ago?



When someone is not answering your question even if you asked him about it for numerous times, it is called 묵묵부답.

Two 묵(默)s means silent. 부(不) means not. 답(答) means answer. In direct translation, it means being silent with no answer.

한 달 동안 물어 봤지만, 물어볼 때마다 묵묵부답이었다.
I have asked her about it for a month, but she was always no answer every time.

언론은 그 부부의 이혼에 대해 궁금해했지만, 그들은 묵묵부답이었다.
Media was interested in the divorce of that couple, but they didn't answer at all.

뚜껑 열다/열리다


열다 is to open and 열리다 is 피동 version of 열다, meaning to be forced to open by someone or something. When 뚜껑(lid) comes in front of these verbs, they have really different meaning, so I covered them here.

When 뚜껑 is open, you can see something that was inside. Because of that, 뚜껑을 열다 is used idiomatically that you cannot know the result until it is openly revealed.

It is used a lot in election, test results, games, etc. when there were a lot of expectation for the results.

조금만 기다려 봐. 뚜껑을 열어 보면 다를 수 있어.
Just wait a little more. The result will be different when it comes out.

뚜껑을 열기 전과 후의 반응이 엄청 다르더라.
Their reactions before and after the result were too different.


When you are too angry, you feel hot in the air. When a pot is hot, its lid can be opened by the steam. Because of that, Koreans use the expression, 뚜껑이 열리다, informally to show that they are angry.

지금은 장난 칠 때가 아니야. 완전 뚜껑 열렸어.
It's not the time for play. She's mad now.

완전 뚜껑이 열려 가지고 달래는데 힘들었다.
He was completely mad. It was hard for me to calm him down.

More Words

1. 둘째 가라면 서러워하다


When you are fighting or arguing slightly. It is 티격태격.

If you are always best, it is 둘째 가라면 서러워하다.

2. 한 끗 차 and 간발의 차



When the result of a game is decided by really small difference, it it called 한 끗 차 or 간발의 차.