4 Words in Running Man Ep. 252(고교 허세왕, The Best High School Bluffer) – Learn Korean with Running Man

These are the 4 words in Ep. 252 of Running Man, 고교 허세왕, The Best High School Bluffer. I hope you enjoy the show and have fun with the words!

범상치 않은

범상하다 means ordinary. However, it is not common to find the usages like "그는 참 범상하다" or "그녀는 범상한 여자다." It is more frequently used in the negative form, 범상치 않은. It means not normal, extraordinary. 범상치 않은 has no negative nuance. It is used to tell something special.

그녀의 범상치 않은 안마 실력에 감탄했다.
They were amazed with her extraordinary massage skills.

그는 범상치 않았던 그의 어린 시절에 대해 공개했다.
He revealed his extraordinary childhood.



When someone is teased for a long time and suppress it, then he or she will finally explode. This is 울화통을 터뜨리다 in Korean. It can also be translated as burst into rage.

계속 놀림을 받자 그녀는 결국 울화통을 터뜨렸다.
As she was teased along, she finally burst into rage.

다른 사람 부탁을 다 들어 주려는 딸 때문에 어머니는 울화통을 터뜨렸다.
Because of the daughter who try to answer to every request, her mother burst into rage.



It is hard to find the situation like this, but sometimes every people has same opinion in a discussion. It is unanimous in English and 만장일치 in Korean.

만(滿) means full. 장(場) means field. 일(一) means one and 치(致) means to arrive. The basic meaning of 만장일치 is that the opinions of everyone in the field arrived at the same point. That's unanimous.

그들은 만장일치로 이번 여름 휴가 때 바닷가에 가기로 했다.
They unanimously decided to go to sea in this summer vacation.

모든 심판이 만장일치로 그의 승리를 선언했다.
Every judge unanimously declared his victory.


As many of you know, 서울대, shortened form of 서울 대학교(Seoul National University) is the best university in Korea. Because of the interesting looking its front door, it is commonly called by many people as 샤대. As you can see below, it really looks like 샤.


It is the combination of 3 consonants, ㅅ, ㄱ, ㄷ. It stands for 서울 국립 대학교, the official name of Seoul National University.