4 Websites for You if You Want to Learn Korean with K-Pop

1. Learn Korean Through K-Pop

It is run by a native Korean teacher who lives in Seoul. This blog covers songs with lyrics and translations.

The best part of this blog is that it gives you some guide about Korean grammar in the songs.

There are 85 grammar points in the blog. Relevant grammar is pointed out in red color in relics like (G41).

After you learned some words and grammars from the song, you can test it out at the end of the post with some quizzes.

The songs I like that covered in this blog are:

2. Talk to Me in Korean K-Pop Section

If you are learning Korean, you cannot miss this site, Talk to me in Korean, the biggest website about Korean language learning. It has its own section about K-Pop.

Although it is not updated a lot(it is updated less than 5 times a year), it contains many interesting songs.

It doesn't cover entire song like Learn Korean with K-Pop site, but it covers an expression in extreme detail.

They also have an ebook about K-Pop. They collect words and phrases from the best songs in Jan, 2015.

The songs I like are:

3. Really KPop


When I was making episodes about 지금, 여태, 이제, I wanted the translated version of 이등병의 편지. I thought that no one would have it translated as it is a bit old song, but it was in here.

Sadly, the update of the site has been stopped, so you cannot see recent songs here.

4. Popgasa


As this is not about language learning, they even don't have lyrics in Korean, but I cover them here, because they have a lot of translations.

If you want to see some translations, you just visit the site and search them. You can use it with Naver, too. Find Korean lyrics with Naver like "[song name] + 가사" and find translation here.