3 Words in Running Man Ep. 295(미안하다 사랑한다, I am sorry, I love you.)



Someone is a Korean teacher, but he is not good at teaching. It also seems that he's not even good at Korean!

In that case, we usually say things like "he calls himself a Korean teacher, but he's so bad at it", etc.

명색 is used when we want to say this in Korean.

명색이 한국어 선생님인데, 맞춤법을 전혀 모른다.
He is a so-called Korean teacher, but he doesn't know anything about Korean grammar.

그도 명색이 사장인데, 그 정도 돈 가지고 화 내겠어?
He calls himself a boss. Will he be angry about that amount of money?



When something cannot be predicted, it is called 예측불허.

예측 is expectation or prediction. 불허(不許) means not allowed. 불(不) means not. 허(許) means to allow. So, 예측불허 means prediction is not allowed or unpredictable.

예측불허의 상황이 계속 이어지고 있다.
Unpredictable situation continues.

누가 우승할지 완전 예측불허이다.
It's totally unpredictable who will win.

~인듯, ~아닌, ~같은


Sometimes, 2 things are really similar, but they don't look same, but they look similar you look at them again. This phrase means when something is that similar.

It is also used when you cannot say definitely about your decision or feeling. It looks like a love, but it doesn't, but it seems so.

This phrase came from the song, 썸. 썸 is the phrase used by Koreans when two man and woman are almost in love, but they don't start dating. You can find this phrase in the lyric.

요즘따라 내 것인듯 내 것아닌, 내 것 같은 너~
네 것인듯, 네 것 아닌, 네 것 아닌 나~
These days, it feels like you're mine, it seems like you're mine but not,
It feels like I'm yours, it seems like I'm yours but not.

집밥인듯 집밥아닌 집밥같은 이 메뉴.
This menu feels like household meal but it seems not, but it also seems so.

커플인듯 커플아닌 커플같은 두 사람.
Those two look like a couple.

미안하다, 사랑한다

It's the name of K-Drama which aired on 2004.


It stands for After Service. It is guarantee or warranty in English.