3 Words in Running Man Ep. 294(로봇 전쟁, Robot War)



You finally overcame a huge obstacle, but you found that the bigger one is waiting for you now. This is called 첩첩산중 in Korean.

첩(疊) means overlap. 산(山) means mountain. 중(中) means middle. It basically means you are in the middle of overlapping mountains. You went over a mountain and there is an another mountain. That's why 첩첩산중 got the meaning continuous obstacles or hardships.

완전 첩첩산중이네. 도대체 이거 언제 끝나는 거야?
Another huge obstacle. When will it end?

연패에 빠진 우리 팀은 계속 강팀들과 만난다. 첩첩산중이다.
Our team now in constant loss will meet the strong teams again and again. Our hardship is not ended.

You can use the saying, 산 넘어 산, interchangeably.



When something is really interesting, it is called 꿀잼.

This word is the combination of the 2 words, 꿀(honey) + 잼(재미, fun, interest). It has nothing to do with jams!

It is really informal expression, don't use it in formal situations.

지난 주 런닝맨은 정말 꿀잼이었다.
Last Running Man episode was really interesting.

그 게임 할 게 없어서 그냥 해 봤는데, 정말 꿀잼이더라고.
I played that game because I had nothing to do, but it was really interesting.

잘 되면 제 탓, 안 되면 조상 탓


We don't usually blame ourselves. We try to find someone to blame. This phrase is used because everyone tries to blame others.

잘 되면 means "when something goes well", 제 탓 is "because of your own effort, actions, etc."
안 되면 means "when something goes wrong", 조상 탓 is "because of your ancestor's deeds, life, etc."

English speakers don't usually blame their ancestors, but ancient Koreans thought that ancestors are blessing or cursing their life, because of that, this saying was made.

In this episode, it is changed to "잘 되면 제 탓, 안 되면 사전 탓". 광수 blamed his early failure to the dictionary. So, the show paraphrased the saying.

잘 되면 부하 탓, 안 되면 내 탓 하는 상사가 좋은 상사지.
Good supervisors are those who thank their subordinates when something goes well and blame themselves when something goes wrong.

잘 되면 제 탓, 안 되면 정부 탓 좀 그만하고, 일 하라고!
Stop blaming the government and do some work!