3 Words in Running Man Ep. 293(수상한 봄나들이, Majority Decision Race)



It's the shortened phrase of "심장이 쿵 하다".

심장 is your heart. 쿵 is the onomatopoeia for the sound of hard object hitting against another hard object. It is usually used when something big on the table fell off to the floor. So, 쿵 하다 means hitting something hard.

When you meet your ideal type, your heart will race. This heart race is called 심쿵 in Korean. If you are a fan of KPOP, you might have heard of the song, 심쿵해, by AOA.

여자가 남자에게 심쿵하는 순간 베스트 7을 모아 봤습니다.
We've gathered the best 7 case when the hearts of women race because of man.

너무 심쿵하다. 정말 좋아.
My heart races. It's too good to be true.



In contrast, 무덤덤 is used when you don't feel nothing. It is usually translated as impassive, unmoved, flat.

남들은 다 심쿵해 하고 있는데, 혼자 무덤덤한 표정을 짓고 있다.
The hearts of everyone races, but he was just impassive.

만루 홈런을 치고 홈으로 돌아오는 선수의 표정이 무덤덤했다.
When he came back to home after hitting the grand slam, his face was impassive.


꼼수 is trick or cheat which is not the standard or usual way of response to the problem.

This word came from Go(바둑). 꼼수 is used when you expect someone to respond wrongly for your placement, and change the flow of the game. It can be effective in amateur games. However, between professionals, they understood your intention and it is not effective.


그렇게 꼼수로 이길 생각하지 마.
Never think that you can win with cheats.

꼼수 부리지 말고, 제대로 공부해야 나중에 편해.
Stop cheating and study properly. It will be much easier.