3 Words in Running Man Ep. 292(꽝손 페스티벌, Running Man First Unlucky Festival)

-지 말입니다


Thanks to "Descendants of Sun", this ending became really famous. It is believed that this ending is used a lot in the army. As a Korean male who finished the service of 21 months, I've heard this ending in real life less than 3 times between my comrades. Many Korean males say that they didn't see it to be used in real life, too. However, for some reason, this is believed to be a soldier-style ending.

To make this ending, you should change the verb to -(어)요 ending and drop -(어)요. And then, append "지 말입니다". Then, it becomes "soldier ending". For example, "저기로 가요" is "저기로 가지 말입니다", "먹어요" is "먹지 말입니다", etc.

However, it sounds a bit arrogant. So, don't use it when you meet someone you don't know. Just use it for joke or fun. Actually, it is the recommended usage. Because of that, in the variety show about the army, 진짜 사나이, you cannot hear this ending.

This ending is created because soldiers cannot use "요" in the army before. However, this rule is changed and they are recommended to use "요" there, too.

같이 먹지 말입니다. 맛이 있지 말입니다.
Let's eat together. They are good.

함께 가시지 말입니다. 재미 있는 영화가 있지 말입니다.
Let's go together. There is a fun movie.

If it were in the real army, soldiers might speak like "같이 먹으시겠습니까? 맛있습니다.", "함께 가시겠습니까? 재미있는 영화가 있습니다."



After a big fight or a serious accident, you feel tired and you cannot move well. In this situation, the word 만신창이 is used.

만(滿) means full. 신(身) means body. 창(瘡) means boils, the disease on the skin. 이(痍) means scar. So, it means your body is full or disease and scar. You can understand why 만신창이 means "wear out", "extremely tired", "thoroughly injured".

한바탕 싸움 후, 모두가 만신창이가 되어 버렸다.
After a long fight, all of them became worn out.

다들 만신창이가 되어 버렸구나.
All of you are thoroughly injured.



It's a broadcasting jargon.

When you film for 런닝맨, 무한도전, it takes a lot of time. As you can see in the background, they start in the morning or afternoon, but the filming ends in the middle of night. Although all we watch is around 90 minutes, the time it takes to take the single show is around 10 hours or more. Because of that, some parts of their shows are not on air even if it took them several hours to take that scene. It is called 통편집.

통 means whole or entire. 편집 means edit. So, 통편집 means to cut out the entire part.

통편집당하는 것이 한 두 번이어야지.
I am cut out from the show more than once or twice.

왜 그 부분을 통편집했는지 이해가 안 된다.
I cannot understand why they cut the entire scene.