3 Words in Running Man Ep. 291(런닝맨 전격 해부 – 그들이 알고 싶다, Running Man Q & A)




Sometimes, the difference or gap is really prominent between players or participants in a game or a competition. This difference is sometimes called 넘사벽. It is the shortened expression of "을 수 없는 4차원의 ", meaning "the 4-dimensional wall that cannot be overcome". The original phrase is almost dead. Only 넘사벽 is used recently.

It is said that this phrase came from Japan. In Japan, there was no 4차원(4 dimension), so it was just 넘을 수 없는 벽(超えられない壁).

넘사벽이라고 느껴졌었는데, 언제부터인가 나도 그런 고수가 되어 있더라고.
I thought that I cannot overcome it. I cannot be sure when, but I became a master like him.

태후는 30%가 넘는 넘사벽 시청률을 기록했다.
The Descendent of Sun recorded unbreakable record of rating over 30%.



This is the 의성어(onomatopoeia, the word that describes sound) for whispering. When you say something in small voice to someone else, it is 속닥속닥.

It is usually used in standalone. If you want to say the verb, whisper, you can use the phrases like "속닥속닥 이야기하다", "속닥이다", "속닥거리다", "소곤거리다". Or you can just describe the action like "귓속말을 하다". 귓속말 is the speaking(말) in(속) ears(귀). That's whisper.

속닥속닥 이야기하지 말고, 크게 좀 말해 봐. 나도 좀 듣게.
Stop whispering and speak louder. Let me hear it, too.

속닥속닥 이야기하면 안 들릴 줄 알아?
Did you think that I cannot hear your whisper?

도토리 키 재기


While 넘사벽 is for the prominent difference, 도토리 키 재기 is for the tiny gap.

도토리 means acorn. We all know that it is really small and there is not much difference in size. When we use the phrase 도토리 키 재기, it means that all of them are small, but try or argue to show off their size, however they are all similar in size.

도토리 키 재기 그만해라. 다 똑같구먼.
Stop bickering for nothing. All of you are similar.

도토리 키 재기인 것을 알면서도 자존심을 세워 보려고 그렇게 싸우는 것이었다.
They all know that there is no difference between them. But they fought to protect their pride.