3 Words in Running Man Ep. 289(태양과 모래의 노래, Songs of Sun and Sand)



Let's say you said something hopeful or big plan of yours. Sadly, many people are not interested in your idea at all. They treat you like a wall. Then, you will feel embarrassed or awkward. This embarrassment is 머쓱하다 in Korean.

그가 가자는 말을 했는데 아무도 답변하지 않았다. 그러자 그는 머쓱해져서 고개를 돌렸다.
When he said "let's go", no one answered back. He felt awkward and turned his head.

갑자기 할 말이 없어져서 머쓱해진 사장은 화제를 돌렸다.
The boss who felt embarrassed because he has nothing to say changed the topic.



This word is a compound of 은근 and 슬쩍. 은근 means that quiet and unnoticed. 슬쩍 means secretly or stealthily. As you can see, both of them have similar meaning. By using them together, you can mean to do something secretly or unnoticed.

It can be used in both positive and negative context. However, it is used more in negative context because we do something bad secretly not openly.

은근슬쩍 가져가는 게 어딨어?
Why did you take them secretly?

철수는 자신의 목적을 영희에게 은근슬쩍 이야기했다.
철수 talked about his cause to 영희 secretly.

계 타다


계 is a group of people. It's a traditional group where members help each other. One of the main goals of 계 is collecting money and giving it to someone in need. Usually, these money from 계 group is rotated to the members. So, when you get 계 money, you got unexpected big money. Because of that, when you say "계 타다", you got unexpected fortune or luck.

In the screenshot above, the fan of Running Man never expected that she could meet the members in Dubai, her home country. It is so unexpected and good luck for her. So, the makers of RM used the phrase, 계 타다.

소녀시대 팬인데 지나가다가 만났다. 오늘 완전 계 탔다.
I am a fan of SNSD and met them when I was in the street. It's really lucky.

무척 비싼 그릇인데, 그냥 공짜로 주셨다. 계 탄 기분이다.
It's really expensive dish, but he gave me for free. It's really lucky for me.