3 Words in Running Man Ep. 288(12시간 맛 정복기, 12-Hours Food Challenge)

귀가 얇다


When you don't have your own opinion and follow others without thinking, it is called 귀가 얇다. Those people who have 얇은 귀 listen to every opinion and cannot decide anything. They change their decision or opinion a lot from other people's idea. In short, those who believes everything they hear are 귀가 얇다.

결단력 있는 사람인 줄 알았는데 무척 귀가 얇았다.
I thought that he's good at making decisions, but he believes everything he hears.

능력은 있는데, 귀가 얇아서 결정을 잘 못 내리는 것이 단점이야.
He has skills, but he believes everything he hears, so he cannot make decision well.



You might have learned irrational number in math classes. This 무리수 is the same 무리수 in math class. When we say irrational in irrational numbers, it means that the number cannot be written as fraction, or integer divided by integer. However, it is also an opposite of rational or reasonable.

It is also said that this word, 무리수 came from Go(바둑). When you put down stone in irrational place, it is called 무리수를 두다. It usually happens when you are hasty or want too much. From this, 무리수를 두다 is also used in real world for the meaning of doing something irrational.

사업이 망해 가니 그는 결국 무리수를 두었고, 큰 빚을 지고 말았다.
When his business was waning, he did something irrational and made a big debt.

잘 나가는 상황에서 그렇게 무리수를 둘 필요가 없었는데, 많이 아쉽다.
In that good situation, he didn't have to do something that unreasonable. I feel sorry about it.

북 치고 장구 치고


Sometimes, a single person does everything that should be done by many people. In this case, you can use the expression, 북 치고 장구 치고. 북 and 장구 are the traditional Korean drums. You need them to play 사물놀이 or 풍물놀이. As they are two big and different instruments, you cannot play two of them alone. So, this expression is the figurative way of saying that you do something almost impossible alone when that should be done together.

영화 더빙을 하는데 그분 혼자 1인 3역을 하셨다. 완전 혼자 북 치고 장구 치고 다 하신 셈이다.
When dubbing the movie, she alone played 3 people. She completely did everything by herself.

북 치고 장구 치고 혼자 다 하지 말고, 우리도 좀 할 일을 줘 봐.
Don't do everything alone and give us some work.