3 Words in Running Man Ep. 287(띠동갑 인턴, Intern Race)

The word, 띠동갑, in the title means the 12 year old difference between the age. If you have 12 year difference, you have same 띠(animal symbol, Chinese zodiac). You can learn more about them here



When you sit on the seat with needles and thorns, you cannot only sit down on that for a long time, but you will feel really terrible.

When Koreans are in unwanted situation that they want to leave soon, it is called 가시방석에 앉은 것 같다 or 가시 방석 for short.

Some native speakers of English call it "on the hot seat". Heat vs. thorns. What we think looks similar.

By the way, you can see the uncomfortableness in 광수's face.

그가 등장하자 모두가 가시 방석에 앉은 것처럼 불편해했다.
When he appeared, everyone became uncomfortable as if they were on the hot seats.

다시는 안 볼 것이라 생각했던 사람을 다시 보니, 가시 방석에 앉는다는 것이 무슨 말인지 알 것 같았다.
After meeting the person I thought that I will never see again, I realized that the real meaning of sitting on the hot seat.



When you are displeased or unhappy with some word or action, you can use the word, 못마땅하다.

아버지는 내가 그 남자와 결혼하는 것을 못마땅하게 여기셨다.
My father was displeased with me marrying him.

사장님은 영희의 행동을 못마땅하게 느끼신 것 같아.
It seems that the boss was unhappy with the actions of 영희.



Everyone has his or her own belief. It is 소신 in Korean.

When you action according to your belief, it is usually called 소신껏 행동하다.

소신대로 하기에는 위험 요소가 너무 많아.
To follow my belief, there are too many dangers.

내 소신껏 행동한 것이기 때문에 결과에 대한 후회는 없다.
Because I followed my belief, I don't have any regret.

되 vs. 돼


At the end of the sentence, 돼 is correct.