3 Words in Running Man Ep. 286(미스터리 산장과 7인의 탐정, Mysterious Mountain Cabin and 7 Detectives)



When you open your eyes wide open and look around here and there, it is called 두리번거리다.

In Running Man, they have to find something for hints or game. When they are finding something, 두리번 is used a lot.

긴 시간 두리번거렸지만 아무것도 찾지 못했다.
I've been looking for it for a long time, but I couldn't find anything.

자꾸 두리번두리번거리는데, 뭐 찾는 거 있어?
You are just looking around here and there. Are you looking for something?



Some accident or something terrible happened. Then, we just tried to find out why this happened. The result was that they did harm to themselves for insurance, reputation, or something else.

This is called self-fabricated scenario or 자작극 in Korean.

결국은 모든 것이 자작극인 것으로 밝혀졌다.
Finally, everything was found out to be self-fabricated.

북한은 항상 도발을 하고 남한의 자작극이라고 우긴다.
North Korea always provokes and insists that it is the self-fabricated case by South Korea.



This phrase came from the saying, 금강산도 식후경. 금강산 is the mountain in North Korea. It is famous for its beautiful scenery. When I was in army, I was near that mountain and I can see it daily. (To see it clearly in South Korea, you should enter military area, so it is hard to visit there.) It is really beautiful.

You can see its beautiful scenery here.

However beautiful that mountain is, you should sightsee it after some food. It is the meaning of 금강산도 식후경(食後景). 식(食) means meal or eating. 후(後) means later. 경(景) means scenery or sightsee.

This word is used when people are eating first when they have some important things to do.

금강산도 식후경이라지만, 일은 하고 먹어.
It is important to eat, but you should do after finishing the works.

금강산도 식후경이라니까 우선 먹고 시작하자.
They say that it is important to eat. So, let's eat first and begin others.

More Words

조사 vs. 연구


조사 and 연구 are both research in English. However, 조사 is more like investigate in crime scenes like this episode while 연구 is more like research in labs.

이 vs. 히


As 꼼꼼히 came from 꼼꼼하다, you should use 히 other than 이.